Monday, July 31, 2006

the other side

Another great day, Got a fair deal done. I chip away bit by bit. Now people are coming by that have visited two weeks ago and the response is positive and encouraging. I met David Brooks Micmac artist and wood carver who has his works in both the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and in Ottawa. He said my piece was coming along good, I'll take that for sure, coming from a First Nations carver that is flatering. He said he may come by and give me one of his carving chisels. That would be neat...I'd make him sign it, it would be something I would past down in the future to another carver. This other guy came by really nice fellow and he donated a wet stone to the last carver at the museum and it went missing or the carver took it or whatever..honestly who knows. He offered to find me a stone to sharpen my chisels with. Today was the day of the offering. Also a reported came by from the CBC Radio and they might do a piece on cool would that be. My question to anyone out there. There are two men down from me that are disabled one is in a wheelchair and playes his radio and people give him money, he is an awsome guy and absolute sweetheart, I can barely understand him, so I try to dominate the conversations to yes no responses or make general comment about the traffic flow of people and weather so we communicate that way, he is just a beautiful soul and very alert and aware. Another guy down the way who attemts to strum a guitar and sing which he barly can do. I don't really talk to him. I don't think he does talk to too many people. Okay so do I give them money how often if so how much??? since I walk by and see them every day. one I engage with one I don't. Do I only give one to the one I engage with. Do I not give money at all because we all work on the harbour. Where does the line between generosity and neighborly responsibility lay...any comments???

Sunday, July 30, 2006

amistad at port

The dark horse of a beauty came to port today. What a stunning vessel that carries so much history within the bow of its rebirth. I was in a quiet awe today with this schooner behind me today. The eagle on the front is guilded in gold and was a carved gift to the ship. I hope to board the ship for a tour while it is here. It was an amazing day weatherwize nice cool breeze to keep the heat off me. I have been craving Chinese food in a bad way for two days and I caved in tonight sinking into a combo platter from Robie Food. Should be called Robie Comfort Food. The serving was so big I have dinner for two days. I have gotten a lot done and I hope to start seeing more of her waist take shape in a week. I am going very slow because I am at a critical section. I cut off too much during the chainsawing several weeks back and she is Turning out to be a little thin. oops hehe. I'll work it out. I haven't had time to paint in a week and I am itching to do the four canvases I have preped. I hope to find the time tomorrow. I need to take a day off to work in my studio. I just need to manage my time better I guess. Or wait for it to rain.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

so hot

I am so tired. Farmers market was awsome and then I went to the museum and it was so hot out you could not breath. I only last for four hours. A violinist or shoud I say fiddler sealed the deal on closing time when it turned out she was playing the same song over and over again. I didn't catch on/pay attention for about an hour but when I did it got pretty annoying. I was outta there. here is a pic of my work so far.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

very finny

I have a sore thumb nuckle...that all I gotta say. Very slow day today. Not that many people out. It was a weird day. I worked on her back and fins today getting ready for the upper parts taking that slow, waiting for the image to come through more clearly.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Its all in the hips

Long day today, I went throught 3 piper within the first four hours of work today. It was hell. Only when I was taking all my stuff down at around 8pm did one piper come and play Thunder by ACDC totally cool. Well as cool as a bagpipe can get. I am working on her hips and her ancles today. In a few day I will be able to see the shape of her torso come out. I was on CBC news today for like 15seconds, haha fun. When I firsts started alot of people would look at the log and said oh my good luck have you done this before. Now they are asking me who started it for me, how many people are working on it, where is the main carver guy, and you did all this? by yourself? So annoying....whatever. Well here are some pics of the piece sofar...thanks to all the people who are so supportive.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

wind but what rain

I had a good saturday. I was in the farmers market news letter in regards to my artist in residence. It rained like crazy outside in the morning and then the fire alarm went off so the market was not that great. In the afternoon I went to the museum to work, I got alot done on the carving then the rain came in.... like buckets and I had to cover my carving in a panic and pack up. I was planning on going today but it looked terrible out in the beginning. It was going to rain but I was douped. I am totally pissed because I could have gotten so much work done. It was windy very windy so I think it was best I stayed home. Well anyways it was not a wasted day. I stained 40 frames and evaluated my next weeks inventory and so far I have done two paintings. I am off to do more...well off to work. On another note from the inside. She haunts me more that any other pieces I have ever done before. In my sleep during the day all the time. Her shape, body everything. Like a memory, a ghost I close my eyes and I see her in great detail. Its like she is breathing. I can't believe how small she is. I knew she would be very petit but if she stood up outside of the carving she would be only 3 feet. I sometimes see her walking around and I think its silly cause she is a mermaid and she can't walk cause she has fins/a tail. When I see her I look hard and long so that I can get her right in the carving. well go ahead call me crazy...But will see what will come of this log... I see a soul.

Friday, July 21, 2006

rainy day

Thank dog for rain, I was able to catch up on a lot of work today in the studio. I preped several canvases and did three simple ones. Off to market tomorrow.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

touched skin

Today I got to get down to the beginning of the good stuff. I touched skin got right into her calf and leg today. It is an awesome feeling when you are carving and then all of a sudden you know you have taken enough off and it is like you are touching skin. It was windy today and I was cold for the most part of the day. Even thought it was an amazing day on the waterfront it was windy. I have to start bringing and extre pair of clothing.
Happy Birthday to Chris Laing, the new owner of 3 of the blue bullrush series. I am so happy it is going to such a good home. here are some pic of the orange bullrushes in Jay Wells salon and what the blue ones looked like before I took them out today. Congradulation to Banksy and his piece of art that is able to stay up in Bristol. A big step in the freedon of expression in art. Check out my all time favorite site on earth
Here is an awesome short film from Brazil

Keep on chucking

All good things are happening. I bought the ugliest shoes on earth but I had to. Here are my lame excuses ....The Wharf is so splintery and I am on it all day I wanted to find something durable. And I was afraid of dropping a chisel on my foot and slicing a toes off with sandals on and so this is the best alternative to wearing sandals and not losing a toe. I actually believe they are safer that a sneaker. A chisel would slice right through a sneaker and I think it would bounce off these. Whatever, all my girlfriend are hating me for getting them. I have hit the all time low in poor taste purchases apparently. I just don't look down. Well the carving is progressing well the sides are done for now. And I started on the tail of the mermaid. Well you can't see it... But that's part of the mystery.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

seeing swirls

Well I am pretty wiped out. yesterday turned out to be a 13 hour day. Farmers market was okay and then I was off to the museum and worked till 7pm. Today was not as long just from noon till 7pm. It is weird to be a spectacle, I get so caught up in my work I forget there are people around and I look up and there are like 30 people hangin about. Not as many sales as I wanted but whatever. I am just going to keep on trucking, head down plow throught. I need to find the balance between stopping carving and engaging with people looking at my work. I would rather carve, I am totally in my comfort zone. I saw a girl today who would be the perfect model for the mermaid in the carving. Her face was perfect. I gave her my card. If she reads this please email me...I will pay you. So the guitar guy was out today but down further, I was on my way to get a coffee and I introduced myself and Bought him a coffee. Totally my pleasure, great singer. I asked him to perform near me at 4ish so to not have the piper come by. Low and behold at 4:10 I am working and the dreaded sound of those pipes which now irritate me like nails on a chalk board broke my concentration. pure evil. I need to get a busker to come by at that time so as to not let the piper play near me. I bought 5 awsome photos from a most excellent and talented artist Billy, happy travels Billy and Co. All the best. Here are two pics one is the progress of saturday and the next is the work I did today.

Friday, July 14, 2006

..and then there was TENT

Just look at that tent, it is a beautiful sight. I feel like it is Christmas Day. I love it. I had a really good day today. I got a lot done on the other side of the carving, pretty happy with the turn out. I got a lot of visitor and some people who have been by earlier in the week and are excited about the progress. There was a busker who played the guitar and harmonica across from me and his voice was just like David Grey, he was amazing, I was blown away, very talented. So If you see this guy give him a buck. Then like clock work around 4ish a bagpiper shows up again and he is not that great. Killing cats I tell yah. I would not wish his music on my worst enemys funeral. I wanted to Tomahawk my chisel at him and yell "Theres a piper down." I have to shout over his squealing. The museum came out and incorperated me carving as a part of a tour on the history of ship figure heads. I learned a lot. I am really enjoying being a part of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Well the next few days will be 12 hour days. See you all at the Farmers Market tomorrow morning then at the museum. blahhh.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bon Voyage TANK and LYNX

Well yesterday was another hot one. It started out cloudy and overcast and ended up to be a scorcher. Yes and without the tent I got burned pretty bad. I have a nasty blister that is being nursed with aloe gel. All I am doing on the carving is plenty of technical stuff. I am trying to line up the swirl from one side to match the other. So There really is no pics for that. Once the base is done which I predict by sunday I will be working on the mid section and finally the carving will be vertical. I wanted to do the detailing on the base before I start at the top so that I don't have to lay it down on its sides and dent any work done on the top in the future. The most common comment yesterday was holy your burt, I was lathered in 50 spf aswell, so much for sunblock. One thing that I thought could start to get on my nerves is that I am being approached by a lot of very old men and they are using a very scolding authoritative tone with me like almost talking down and yelling. "Now, what are you doing here, what's this, what's going?" It is very startling. I tell them and they for the most part all of them go "Okay then" and walk away with their hands behind their back is weird.

Here is a pic of one of one the Driver brothers of the Northstar and his new Tank painting, he also got the Lynx painting as well. In the back of him you can see the boat. Thank to the crew for all their hospitality I I had a great time with you guys.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hot without a tent

Even with the sunscreen I got burn. I would sometimes find solace in a small piece of shade near my work, but it was a busy day so there was no means to rest. I am happy with the progress of the carving, It is going quite well and I am not in pain so that is a good sign. I have yet to get a blister or sore spots or areas of worn away skin which I would find on my left hand thumb nuckle. However, I have already gone through one pair of work gloves. The tent is going to be set up at some point this week, not a moment to soon. I don't think my art or my skin will last any longer. I was greatfull for the welcome wagon the bird gave my art today. Pooped on my art only four times. I soo need a tent. I told one girl the shit was free. Haha. She bought it so its all good.

There was a brand new huge boat (2 mil) that docked near me and I was able to get a tour of it during the day. What a sweet ride. I was shocked at how much it cost to fill the boat with gas and how far a tank went. Hi to the crew of the Northstar.

I just got in the door and took my shoes off and my feet stink too much to type any more, I can't breath so I gotta finish. I am wiped out, gonna shower and crash.

Monday, July 10, 2006

first day on the boardwalk

Well today went really well. I am carving a lot faster than expected. My projected finish date is at the latest mid september. I think I might be done before that at the rate I am going. The carvings that I've done before took longer because they had been done while I was attending Concordia University fulltime with full course loads and a partime job. I went to that university for 6 years and received a BA with a major in Anthropology and a minor in Art History and then I got a BFA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Sculpture. Anyways there is some background. The most common question I will probably be getting which is by ever person, what are you carving and what is the wood. Holy I think I need to put a sign up, Quickly. It is literally 9pm and I just sat down right now, I am soo busy it nutts, But I like it. It will keep me sane, I hope ah ha ha. This week we are going to have a few cruise ships in so that will be interesting. the Pics I am adding are just the first day, The tent that I will be working under has yet to be put up but it is coming. I got pretty dark today. The carving will be auctioned off this fall if anyone is interested in getting an email of the finished pieces and participate in a silent auction just email me for your email address. my spell check doesn't work...poop

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Suddenly Sunday

I have never been so sore and out of it my entire life. I got all the gear to cut up my log on friday. And I tell yah it was a hot day. I was wearing kevlar chainsaw pants and it must have been 28 degree. With the heat of the chainsaw and the concentration on working and wearing layers of clothing in the sun I sweated buckets. Literally I dreched through everything. I came home friday dehidrated and with a major headache. I didn't feel like I was out of the clouds till this morning. I Got a lot done and took a lot of the excess wood off. The Farmers market was super slow this saturday I did okay, however I had only half the stock I normally would. I came home saturday afternoon and the pain from working with the chainsaw kicked in. I literally was sofa ridden and had an early night. I don't think I have ever used those back muscles. This past winter I worked for a shoveling crew. We had 32 homes on our route and when the snow stopped no matter what time it was thats when you got out to shovel. I loved it when the snow stopped at midnight and you could shovel all night. After 10 to 12 hour of shoveling you crashed and woke up with sore mucles like you never knew. The shoveling pain was mostly in the shoulders and arms and lower back and legs. It was all worth it cause it was a great workout and the cash was awsome, we called it white gold. Now the chainsaw pain was all in my mid back, my delts, bicepts, tricepts wrists and forearms. Today I am feeling great, just a little tender. Today is a restocking day, I have over 60 frames to stain and I am going throught my entire invertory.

On another note I have to add a pic of the painting I bought in Toronto. I love it. It is from the awsome urban artist Charlie Green. Sweet piece..

Friday, July 07, 2006

bullrush morning

I thought I would add two of the paintings I did last night to the blog. the white one is 3by5 and the orange one is 5by7. I am off to rent a chainsaw today I finally got all the gear I need and I am ready to see whats inside this log. Lets hope I don't find a nest of chimunks...hmm free lunch...I am really liking the band Neverending White Lights. I like the music but they mention god and stuff too much for me but they have some good lines and a good melody. Oh well its the music flavour of the week.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Today was so far a busy day. I had some of my print in the Pro Girls Skate shop on Blowers Street. They were not doing that well in the store so I moved them out. I just put some original canvas in the store instead, will see how that goes. I have my crow, raven and warbird series at Little Mysteries Shop on Barrington and they are doing great there. I guess it all depends on the store and the clientele, oh well. I am adding some pics of the Pro Skates fund raiser auction that happened at Arglye Fine Arts in late June, and the piece I did for it. Tonight I am working on two canvases and restocking for the Farmers Market on Saturday.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

yellow bullrushes

Well at least something went well today. I need a steady hand when I am working on paintings like this. I am happy with the results. I think I might do more of these.


I got some more wood taken off today. I was able to use the chainsaw for a short period. Loved it, so much power. But the museum stopped me and asked that I get chaps. So I am hunting for a place that rents them. I am not to keen on dropping a bill on a pair that I am only going to use for half a day. Mind you they are pretty cool and I like orange. I feel like I have lost a day and I am hitting more walls than doors. The wood is turning out to be more of a dud than expected. it is wet inside unnaturally wet, in an odd way. I am so bothered by this because of the way it is going to set and dry. I am tempted to roll the log into the harbour and walk away. There are just so many obstacles I have faced already. Well for now I am going to keep my head down and plow through. Tonight I am going to work on some painting that are going into jaywells salon at 5187 Sackville Street. They are bullrushes on an orange background. They will go on the second floor of the salon. I am adding a pic of the paintings that are on the first floor. They are 6 by 36 each and priced at $95.00 each. I'll post the pics of the bullrushes when they are done.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

pic of me

here is a pic of me for all you to see

First day of carving

Today was a busy day, I started hacking away at the log I have at the Maritime Museum of The Atlantic. I should be out on the waterfront for all to see by the end of the week. I will be the first artist in residence at the maritime museum in its pilot project. I am carving a bust of a ship. The log I got is in okay condition I will know more about the quality of the wood once I go deeper into the piece.