Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cutest Little Kitchen on Earth and Our House

In a Remote Area of Town

Joey and Me and Aaron


Oromocto Flow

We went out for dinner in Fredericton last night. We went to the Blue Door, to try out their pad thai and we got a curry dish as well. Um yah for a $16 plate of food, we got crappy rice in a pork curry with potatoes. half a potatoe in dried up curry and over cooked meat on crappy rice. The pad thai was drowned in a coconut milk with green and red peppers???? Do Not go to the Blue Door, unless you would like to get ripped off and eat some crap.
I just got back from a meeting on Base with the public affairs department. Holy this Base is huge. like wow, i think its apx 30km in diameter at some parts. The meeting went well and the info on my project is going right up to the Base Commander, How cool is that.
I am posting some pics, the paintings I did for JayWells Salon. I stayed at my friend Sarahs house while I was in Halifax. Thanks Sarah You is a pic of her kitty Joey. A pic of me in my new hair do done at Jay wells salon, Love the doo. a pic of Trevors TV, whick baffels me every time I look at it. 56 inches...why? I have to admit it is cool to watch movies on with surround sound. but yah wow big..this is a guy thing right? and pics of our little house and our street. You ever get the small wooden toy train set with the litle houses and the wooded trees and stuff. We have one at home that we put on the fire place mantel or around the xmas tree well the PMQ's personnel military quaters are just that. I think of the most excellent and coolest song ever by Metric "Rock Me Now" 'where she says a remote part of town'

Monday, November 27, 2006

All in a week

Where do I begin. I arrived in Halifax and Westjet lost my carving of the lure. I was stunned that they could lose a 6 foot long box. So I did not have the carving available for me to have for the silent auction. The auction dinner was nice. I gave a very nice speech and I was in great company. The Auction (must remain positive) went Okay. The mermaid went for $1000. I was told prior to the auction the starting bid was going to be $1000 but the auctioneer said at first bid $5000 then said ha only kidding and the started at $500 and went up $25 increments. It was painful to witness it. Anyways I have to let that go. I waited and called Westjet for days and my cell phone bill will be through the roof. Finally the day after I arrived in Oromocto New Brunswick the carving shows up at a post office in Halifax. I was able to get the carving of the cedar lure shipped to Oromocto and for the four days it was in westjet's hands they had no idea where it was and how it ended up at the post office. Finally getting the carving back broken. It won't take too much work to fix it, but I don't have the tools to do that so I had to put it in the basement out of my sight. I am too upset to look at what Westjet has done to it.
I am in Oromocto, literally 700 meters from the base entrance in the cutest little house on earth. I wake up to the sound of Oh Canada blaring from the elementary school in the back yard and to the sounds of exercises of guns firing from the base. My boyfriend Trevor who lives here and works on base is pretty happy about my arrival. We went for a run through the trails in CFB Gagetown yesterday. It was beautiful. Oromocto is very small. We went into the Saturday market in Fredericton and it was very cool. Don't try the Pad Thai, its terrible. This week I am working on my grant application for funding. The Canadian Arts Council creators grant. To help fund the research and creations of the paintings of the guns and vehicles issued to the Canadian military, as a still-life series. I am soo excited. From Jan to May I will be living here working on these painting with access to the base and a liaisons officer to help with my research. So keep checking my blog the images will be exciting.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Talking a flight tonight

I am on my way to Halifax for the auction of my mermaid and my lure. I am soo excited to go back to Halifax for a visit and see all my Pirate Whores. I finished the paintings for Jay Well salon and he is going to be very pleased I will put the images on line after I give them to him. They are three painting of his dachshund dogs. One painting per dog. He removed all the art and stuff from his house and he is apparently looking for a very sleek grey look. I think I got it. Will see. HEhe...I am pretty excited. I am going to visit my friends at the Little Mysteries shop on Barrigton and giving them new stock. I put some of my art in a store in Toronto called the Occult. Yah wow this is like the "hardcore of wicca". Well that what the owner said. As I stood there buggeyed looking at all the vials of herbs and oils. Rows and rows of the stuff...Wow I guess if you wanna make a spell you would go here to get ...ummmm what you need? Actually it was pretty cool and they seemed really nice, my kinda people. Oh well gotta get my lure packed and get ready to go.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Not to into Green

I am trying to shake the flu. I was in bed for Monday night all Tuesday and Tuesday night with a fever. Yesterday was beautiful and sunny so I went and work on the street for a couple of hours, just to get some fresh air and enjoy the sun. My sister went to San Francisco for the week. When she got back yesterday she told me she went to the Alessi store. Only two in the states and she went to one of them. I am so jealous. Although, she got me something for xmas from there..weeee.
This year we are have and ugly shirt present. We put our names in a hat and we pick a name. There are ten of us. And we have to buy whom ever we pick an ugly shirt. We open the present at xmas eve dinner and you wear the shirt for xmas dinner. It is going to be a hoot. Well at least this year something will match the silly xmas cracker tissue crowns we always wear. here is what I did yesterday.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Election day

Here I am sick as a dog, Could it be because I live with kids?? Who knows. All I know is I have a sore throat and I am pretty sick. The toronto flu??? I am just hoping this is just a cold and I don't need to see a doctor. I went to get some medicine at the drug store on my break while working for the inbound call centre for elections canada in the North York Civic Centre. The pharmacist said I have an infection and I need antibiotics. My Question is why is that always the solution. Are we drugging ourselves too much. I think that we are all going overboard with the drugs and medicine. I am leaving for halifax in a week and I am excited and stressed at the same time. I worked yesterday on the street and did pretty good. It is getting too cold to stain frames on the street and the stain just does not dry. I am only able to sell for a short peroid before I can't stay out any longer. I wear plenty of layers to wear and then I just get too cold, I even wear a snowsuit dress, two pairs of pants, four shirts, mitts, hat and a jacket and brrrrrrrr. I can get one painting done while selling on the street. I am at the call centre right now working for the city of toronto election. How funny is this I barely know the city and I am helping people find out where they need to go to vote. Well the computer system is amazing and all I am doing is typing in their address and "poof" it come up a map and where they need to go. this is prettty fun, but my butt is getting sore from sitting all day thought. Oh well its 3 now I only have 2 more hours.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Warmer November

This month has proven to have warmer and fairer days than October, the only sunny Saturday in October was the 7th. Here is a pic of my latest crows. I like em. This month I am applying for a creators grant that is given by the Canadian Arts Council. I would like some extra funding during the winter months while living near (Gagetown) in Oromocto New Brunswick doing the painting for the show Canadian Issue. This Monday is a municipal election for the City of Toronto and I am happy to say I am working the election. I will be working the inbound call centre for electors to call during the voting hours. That is going to be one long day. I start at 7am and I have no clue when I finish, I assume when the poles close. I think it is going to be a nice day. I am going to work on queen street today and Sunday. Saturday I have training for the election day and it is going to rain. How convenient. I apparently is going to rain on Monday too.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Say hello to Deadgurl

Say hello to my new character Deadgurl, who has a favorite toy doll Dead Kitty. She not really dead but she wants to be a ghost. I guess her favorite song would be "Happy Phantom" by Tori Amos. Bombgurl is almost done and perfect timing too. Deadgurl is haunting me for sure. I worked today and it was nice and warm for a November day. I was only out for 4 hours as usual. I think I might go out tomorrow and then friday to sundays only.

Friday, November 03, 2006

On the street

Holy freezing my butt off,
That snowsuit dress I made has come in handy, haha. I am selling on the street every sunny day and it is getting pretty cold out there. I can only sell for 5 hours then I just can't take it anymore and I have to come home. I have to bike up a slow incline all the way home and it is a 20 minute bike ride sitting up on my BMX towing all my art. It is a great work out. I get home sweaty pealing off layers.
I am going to Halifax in 19 day I am a little excite to see how the auction goes. The auction wants to start with no minimum bid on my mermaid and that make me feel very nervous. It makes me think am I really worth nothing. I have to be Buddhist about it and let it go. Thinking it is not the value or the end piece but the it is the action of creating that is the reward. How many learning experiences does one have to go through when things start feeling fair.
thought I would introduce you to a new addition to my family of critters and friends. Say hello to Dead Kitty

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween

Apparently at this point I can't upload the images that I really wanted because when I took the red eye out it made the files very big???.Oh well. I'll try later


I have internet at the place I am living and I am able to be more attentive to my blog. Thank DOG. I am no longer at a PC room trying to do internet stuff while having to endure listing to teenage gamers blowing things to bits in their games at full volume and swearing the whole time. I worked the St Laurent Market on Saturday and it was the worst market day I have ever had. I took in a huge loss that day. I honestly felt like I was in a gigantic fridge and I was on the door of the fridge in the shelf under the butter or some place crappy like that. In the Halifax Farmers Market their set up is great, it's food table, craft table, food table, craft table and so one. At this market the crafter's and artisans are tucked away in the back corner. It really sucks. I might try it again when it is close to Christmas for one day if there is a lot of snow on the ground and I can't sell on the street. I have been selling on Queen and Spadian and I have been doing great. I really love it. I will be there today, tomorrow and this weekend. Well I'm off to book a flight for Halifax. Wish me luck. Here is a picture of my niece in the coolest Halloween costume ever, she is a fairy Princess.