Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Too cold for ice cream

This has got to be the coldest weather I have ever experienced in my life. I walk to work and I literally have to wear so many layers and I still freeze. It only take less than ten minutes to get to work but I have to run. It is too cold and dangerous to walk. We had a terrible storm on sunday and the cat door in the basement blew snow inside we had to shut the cat door because the temperature was too severe; in the minus 40's for three days. Tonight it will be -37 before the wind chill. the cat has not been out in three days. he seems a bit depressed, but hanging in. i let him out and he can stand a minute of it and comes right in. I have been keeping a close eye on my bird feeders to make sure they don't run out. I get chickadee, nuthatches and so many other species. any given moment you look at the feeder there are over twenty birds.
The coolest thing happened I saw an arctic hare and then the other day I saw a large snowy owl, and there are deer everywhere near the base. And I finally don't here the chilling howls of the coyotes. I assume that this cold weather is normal for a person from alberta, but not for me. I lived most of my life in the maritimes a land where walking through slush is a daily activity. it is so strange for me to see all the roads covers with inches of solid ice and packed snow. It like you could skate to work. Gosh I just can't get warm

Sunday, January 27, 2008

january blues

I am just not creative or i am too picky with my ideas. I have over 40 canvases in my studio and i am just not feeling any drive to paint right now. how to be inspired??? it will come to me shortly right now i will just wait. I have a job on base that pays very well. it is keeping me busy during these winter blahs. Trevor is in Wainwright during the week days and comes home on the weekend. so i started drawing in the evenings and going to the gym to keep myself busy. I having been toying with ideas or images of the birth of angels in a contemporary thought. females that are dead and then sprout wings. i wanted the skin to have a hint of blue in the tone. I wanted them to look strung out or emaciated and exhausted from the pain of wings coming out of their backs.I don't know just passing images that caught my eye.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Year

Its been a while but here I am. I just got back home from a long and excellent holiday in Quebec and Toronto. We started off the holiday shoveling the roof's of my parents houses one roof a day. 4 feet of snow each we got a great work out. Trevor learned to Snowboard and picked it up very quickly. He has a bruised tail bone but it will heal ( hope). I am just getting settled into getting back to work here. I will be working on some new pieces of work completely different that anything that I have done before. As well as work on some old projects. I am having a hard time with the time change in the sun rise so far up north. I checked the internet to see what the time the sun really rises and it is at 8:48 am and sets at 4:33 pm. check out this site.