Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hot Days

I am on the street everyday now on Queen near Soho St. The heat is killer. I am usually there from noon till 8pm. I am getting a lot of great responses from the people on the street, so I am having a great time. I am pretty tanned and not eating too much but it is only for another month. There is a guy who stacks rocks on the street as a busker and they are really cool, I might draw on the side walk with chalk around his work as a collaborative perfomance in August.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

latest pics

here are some of the new pieces i have finished.

Monday, July 23, 2007

warm july

I feel like I have brought the maritime weather to Toronto. It is not that hot here but not to worry apparently this week will be a hot one. I am very tanned now from being in the sun for 8 hour four days a week. I am doing some pretty cool new paintings and I should have some pics of them up this week. Sorry I haven't been writing to much on my blog. I am having serious separation anxiety from my computer that is in NB and I officially hate PC, I miss my Mac. I am thinking about buying a mac book they are so cute, i think that might go under a toy purchase. but i need it right about now, I hate going to a PC Internet place to write on my blog. It just feels wrong. I gave some of my art to go up for auction at a function at the Drake Hotel and that was pretty cool, it was for an interpretive dance group. I was interviewed by the daily gleaner in Fredericton and you can Google that and read the article online, I was interviewed by the CBC Radio this week about my body of work "Canadian Issue" it was the Fredericton CBC radio, I have no idea if that was aired or when. so far thats whats going on, thanks to everyones support out there you guys are my rock.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

new gallery

Well I have been in Toronto for a week now. The bike ride home with all my gear is getting better. It takes me about an hour to get home from work. I live in the Annex and I sell on Queen and Spadina so it is a slow incline home. Twice I have made in home just before a crazy rain storm arrived. Just peddeling like crazy, too funny. I am have a great time selling, meeting some really cool people and getting in the groove of making some cool paintings while working. So far I have painted 6 canvases on the street. I would love to share them with you but I am not sure how to do that. I'll figure that out this week. I have a gallery that i sell my originals at and an agent. check out Norman Felix gallery at www.normanfelix.com

Sunday, July 08, 2007

We stopped in Morin Height for Canada day and had an awesome time, fireworks and all. I Just arrived this week in toronto and I have been selling on Queen and Spadian for two days. It has been great, I am not to keen on how dirty I get by the end of the day, I am black all over. Today it rained for most of the day and it gave me a good 9 hours of work in to prepare for next week. Should I indulge you all in the bylaw chaos of Toronto. hmm that would be a very long rant, make a comment on my blog about what you think. Okay here goes, Basically there is no licence for a peddler. you can get a busker licence 88 bucks but its donation only by passer byes, you can't get a venders licence cause there are none and there hasn't been for 5 years. You can get a portraiture licence 500 bucks but you can't sell any art except what you draw of someone and the images you dispay can only be examples of portraits you have done. you also need 2 million dollars in insurance before you even can apply for the licence and get approved about 600 bucks. So my question is where is the peddler licence. So the people at the main office say i cannot have a portrait licence and the bylaw guys on the street say go back and get it and lie and say you are doing portraits. WTF??? SO I am doing it all basially by the end of it I will have several licences, this is nutts. I brought the cat and he is great, no problems on the drive or the move, I love my kitty. Oh yeah so cool I sold (got a donation for) one of my favorite painting this week, my Dead Kitty. I loved that piece. I got a new cell number if anyone cares 416-889-3175.