Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Today I am working on the Lancher,Grenade,40mm,M203A1,w/rifle C7A2. I have to go on Base and photograph the rifle itself I can't find any image with the launcher on a C7A2 facing left. They are using the M203 on the C7A2 in Afganistan and are phasing out the use of the C7A1. Anyways I have to take pics of this facing to the left as well. the sight is on the left side. I go to the gym all the time and I am still a cow, I even only drink beer (coors light) on the weekend. I don't think its what I eat, it's how much so I am going to cut my meal sizes down now. I found this really cool website. it is and I love it. Random music, customized to what mood I am in. Anyways back to work I go. Here is a Pic of the C7A1. oh yeah, I am hunting the web for a recipe for Tabouleh and some say to put garlic in it and some say not to. Majority say not to, but I love garlic. Is there garlic in Tabouleh?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sha Blam

By far this is the best piece I have done in the series yet. I am so happy with this piece. It took a lot out of me. I would say I put around 15 hours into it. Today I am starting the C7A1.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Badminton pains

So Trevor and I started playing Badminton, just as a change of working out in the gym. Its really fun and your like sweating in ten minutes. We played for an hour last night and both of us can't walk. Sore back sore arms, sore all over. What is going to kill me is that Trevor wants to do the SPIN class tomorrow night. You know the one on the bike, where there is a puddle of sweat around your bike when you are done. I am scared, but stubborn so I will be stiff in time for Yoga on Thursday.
So I made pizza (and the dough) this weekend and I did something really cool you should try it. I bought the President's Choice Artichoke and Asiago Tepenade, its a small sizes pasta sause jar in your pasta aile. mIxed a bit of pasta sause with it and put that on the pizza as the sause, one jar make 4 pizzas. Then I added chicken ( I like the barbecues chickens ready made) mushrooms then mozzarella and feta then jalapenos all over the top. good.
Here is the base coat of the C7A2 and the C7A1, I am going head first into these two for the next two days and they are going to rock. THANK YOU COLT CANADA for sending me the visuals and the text and all that stuff that I know so little of. The image through the C79 is awsome and the Image and text for the M203 is so appreciative. I am doing my first Bilingual piece. c'est cool, No? If you don't know what the C7's are just google them or checkout Colts website its cool.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Portrait Of Girls

I just finished portraits of the carpenters, that maintains our house and many others, two daughters. I am always uncomfortable doing commissions like this, it is so intimate and personal that your interpertation of the photo you have and what the person who hires you expects may be totally different. Anyways it is a valentines gift for his wife I hope she likes them. I made her youngest look like a tree Faerie, she is an outdoors type and love butterflies. The oldest loves dolphins so I put a sea shell in her hair and on her neck. Today I am working on paintings to sell in the summer.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Apple Blossoms

I am waiting to work on new material from base and from my mind. I did this painting today for fun. I have always loved apple blossom trees. And well I totally love pink. I think I will do many more like this painting to discover the balance of its essence. I think I might be revisiting the Koi fish as well. I was thinking about my carbon foot print on the earth and I think I am going to try and plan a tree for every month. So when the ground thaws I will plant from January. I will plant all kinds of trees, apple, fur, oak, pine, bushes, etc. Could you imagine if one of the trees I plant become a great tree. Who knows. So I would plant 12 a year for the rest of my life. Well that is my New Resolution, only time will see if I stick to it.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tanks in the sun

My Wobbly Bits

My tanks on the side of the driveway look like drifts now, the snow is so dry I can't fix the tanks and make them better. Trevor wants to build a fence because the kids walk through our drive way to get to school and he is pissed because three of the tank barrells have been stole. From the part of town I just came from, Gottingen Street Halifax, the kids around there would have destroyed the tanks in a day. I think these kids are angels. I just laugh at Trevor. Hopefully there will be a wet snow fall so I can do some more stuff on the front lawn.
I go to the Gym everyday on base practically and I still can't get the January pudge off. From the movie Bridget Jones Diary "My Wobbly Bits". It didn't help that I threw out everthing I own except for two pairs of jeans and and two cords. I just wear my yoga pants. Okay first off this gym is Mecca amazing, huge wow. I love it. I have been using the elliptical machine, I love it. half hour on that and I am soaked. then after that I can actually run for twenty minutes and not be in pain. I have uneven hips hip displatia and If I just start running I tear the muscles in my back knee up to my hip on my right side. I love running but I always have to stop because of my hip, the elliptical actually allows me to get a great work out. The songs I listen to that keeps me going are a little old school Superstylin by Groove Armada "Goodbye Country- Hello Nightclub" I play that song 4 times which makes 20 minutes then the music fron the movie Run Lola Run to finish it off. Then when I am running I listen to The Killers, Daftpunk and Melanie C. I started talking yoga classes and wow what a work out. I feel taller after every class. Oh and my gym membership is deducted off Trevors pay, even better.
I have been having meeting on base and things are looking good. I am getting a lot of support from them and they have embrased the project as something that can be nothing but a positive thing. I am ecstatic. I am starting work on the guns. I have some visuals I have accessed so I am just diving right in. The base is assisting me in properly documenting the equipment they use so I hope I do the body of work justice. I am afraid I may have to invest more money into the project that I first calculated. I might have to do at least 30 more paintings which is another 700-1000 bucks. ouch. I would like to thank everyone who is supporting me on my blog. Thanks Dawn for you feed back. well gotta get to work.