Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Here is a pic of my latest Alessi piece. It is a (as you can see) q-tip holder. A gift from the amazing Trevor. Thanks Babe.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I can't stand the traffic in the city. I have been hit in the elbow twice by car passenger mirrors. It sucks, it gives me such a fright. Road rage at a whole new level.
Here is a picture of my lure that I carved out of aged cedar several years ago. The cedar was uses as the structural base for the water pipe in my parents back yard in Morin Heights we have a damn in my back yard, actually the damn use to power the village. So the water went throught a large pipe and would go up and pour over a wheel and the motion of the wheel powered electricity. Over time the city of montreal powered electricity to the village and the damn in the Simon River went to decay. To the delight of a carver like me. There was a bounty of cedar soaked in water for decades and large and excellent for carving. The eyes and tail of the Lure are made from rare BC Red Cedar, the red cedar was a gift to me. I love it cause the cedar looks like perfect pieces of raw salmon fillets. the combination of the two make a beautiful balance.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Back in Toronto

Oh my gosh I haven't seen the sun in like a week. It has rained so much. My sister and two of her kids and I piled in to her car on Tuesday and drove through the rain to get to Morin Heights where the funeral was held at. It rained the whole time making the drive brutal. Arriving at almost 2 in the morning. The next day we went to My grandmothers funeral and on the write up about the service and Nan was a poem. One line in the poem said "I am the autumn rain". Well she sure was. Pretty much all the cousin's were there and some of the greatgrand children. Totaling over 40 of up. I have a very big family with my grandmother having 5 children and then 19 grandchildren and 26 greatgrand children (so far)this does not include all the spouses and partners. I brought all my stock up to my moms house so all my cousins could see and they were able to get a good idea of what kind of art I am doing. I just got back in to Toronto last night. I am going to get a table at the ST Laurent market for Saturday. Keep yah posted.

Monday, October 16, 2006

whos got the voodoo doll

I went to the Ontario woodcarvers association meeting tonight. I was asked to come and meet some of the carvers and maybe find a mentor while I am here. when I first arrived in Toronto, The lovely Trevor and I were checking out the city when we found the associations annual meeting and show,live carving. We checked it out and it was very cool. They had a silent auction and I placed bids on all the tools. well I won one of them. I so needed it...I got a 4000 grit cone gouge slip stone for 15 bucks. It was a real trek getting to the meeting.I first biked to summerville station and when I got on the train with my bmx my leg went throught the gap between the train and the platform.I have to be more careful.well with a bleeding leg I have to indure a crazy woman rambling on about nothing at the same time thinking in my head that pain is really just nerve endings sending a message to your brain and to not think about it.I am going to have a nasty bruise all the way up both calfs. then I got off at york mills and biked up york mills to bayview. All for a slip stone. well I am off to Morin Heights for the week to my Grandmothers Funeral. I am bringing popcorn cause there is going to be some drama. The will is crazy. My best advice to anybody is if you want something ask for it. I asked my grandmother many times how much i loved her inuit HOHO print and the native eagle carving and how I would love her to leave it to me. I am going take very good care of both pieces that I have admired for decades. You would have to pry them out of my cold dead hands.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

karma please????

What did i do??? I set up yesterday in a mood no good for working. I woke up a bit emotional and like I have been all week..... tired. It rained suddenly and hard and destroyed all my work. this left me in bad modd and i packed up my soaked stuff and went home. With rain clouds in my mind I arrived home and got everything inside right before a freak hail storm. for everybody out there who really knows me. and for all the true maritimers. I cracked open a beer. I knew it would talk me a whole days work just to restock and I was just whiped out at the thought of it.
just then I got the phone call that my grandmother died. One of the reasons why I moved closer to my family. she was a great woman. We called her Nan. she was 96. when I was a kid we would stay at her house north of montreal southwest of morin heights My hometown. She was making a Black forrest cake and I asked her why do you call it blak forrest. she said the shaving on the top of the cake come from a black tree that taste like chocolate (adults can be so crule).and told me she needed more and to going the woods and find the black tree and take some bark. running back and forth i kept on getting the wrong tree barks. I was out there all day.

Friday, October 13, 2006

changing seasons

I am mostly scattered all the time and seldom able to find focus in my transition. I am still looking for a place to live. I am thinking about a shared apartment. The problem is I wont be living here for a full year. I will be working on a show in the winter from mid january to march, possibly living on a canadian army base. I am then trying for a residence in Ottawa for two months at a place i can't reveal yet. then I will sell on the street in the summer in toronto and possibly do a project in Halifax. Then mid september, I am moving. To where I don't know. well if you keep up with the blog you will eventually find out. I have an idea of where but I know for sure it is not here.

I was working on two paintings today in the basement and was rushing to get out the door to sell. when I felt a wave of exhaustion just hit me like a ton. I had to lay down. This happens once a month. {hint,hint}I feel like there is a ton of bricks on my chest. I told myself okay only 20 minutes and then get going well right when i laid down I passed out in a storm of dreams and chaos in my head when I woke it felt like I was out for an etenity but it was just an hour. at that time the wind picked up with crazy gusts, I would have destroyed my work had I of left on time. then it started to rain. a very cold rain.

I am getting focuse on why i moved here. I am trying to center my energy on doing the last images of bombgurl and finding a publisher. I am also applying for a creators grant with the canadian art council. will see how it all goes.

In november on the 13 I will be working the Ontairo election which excited the beans outa me. I am hoping to have more control of a pole station. last election I was a DRO. this time I want to run a whole poling station

I will be in Halifax for 3 days in November from November 21-23. On November 21 in the evening Abilities Nova Scotia is having a gala and unvailing their image they are asking artist to paint. One of whick I will paint for the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic this coming spring summer. They will auction off May-Lynn that night in part to settle the costs of me making the piece and the rest will go abilities nova scotia. I will tell you now I will cry. I will be giving a little speach to introduce the autioning of May-Lynn. I will cry for sure. It's kind exciting.

well I am off. I don't have internet where I am staying. I am feeling the deprevation. and I am at a korean pc internet place on bloor. holy it is filled with teenage boys playing games on the internet. I gotta go I can't handle the sounds of all the explotions and crap coming from the games. This is when I miss my Ipod, the most. I some times pick it up at home and push the button hoping it will come alive. i can't write about this anymore it will make me cry. My next big purchases. 8G nano, airapple, mac laptop.....mmmmmm and docking station would be nice too. Now that I am working on a pc because I have no internet I love my emac so much more. I feel like I am cheating on it.

Monday, October 09, 2006

comfortable transition

well here I am in Toronto, been here for a week now. you can find me on sunny days on queen and spadina in front of the 360. usually from 11-6. I am biking around looking at different places to live. Where I am staying there is no internet so i feel somewhat detached. I stayed at my parents house for a couple of day on my trip to Toronto it was so beautiful to be up north in the laurentiens of quebec. we rented a 14 foot uhaul and it took us 4 days to get to toronto. we took our time and had an awesome time doing it. The color of the leeves were in their full fall glory. I was stunning to see them. so much red. I picked an awesome time to travel. everything is going great. I have had people who recognize me from the waterfront and even two years ago on the springarden road fence. Saying Oh my god Bombgurl. pretty funny. I am now on the pad thai kick. we ate at every pad thai place in toronto practically. well I am addicted to bloor street, I love it.