Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I also participated in the Gift Giving Show at the Fort Henry in Kingston it was pretty fun but It was really cold and it was not that busy. I did pretty good but the cost of my table did not make it profitable at all. I am not sure If i will do it again.

winter craft fair

I Have been slacking on my blog so here is the set up I did at the winter craft fair in november at the the kingston military gym. I was not that great i was competing with hand knitted dish rags so it kinda was a dud. But the craft show I was suppose to be in got cancelled last minute and I had all the stock and was able to miraculously get a table because of a cancellations.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crow Nests

We were driving home from my mom and dad's house a few weekends ago and on the side of the highway in the field was a bunch tall dead trees with crows nests in them. It was beautiful, it looked like headstone in a graveyard the long sticks of trees with the nests in them. So, last weekend I went to the Thousand Island Art Association art sale in Mallory Town and on the drive back I tried to find the area again but it must be further east on the 401. Any how here is the first in the series. I got some help with the composition of the nest from a photo taken by the awesome Photographer Christopher Adermark. Thanks Chris.
Here is a pic of the stop sign near my house. HILARIOUS

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Sheep Dog

Back to the dogs. One passer-by mentioned to me when I was working at the sheep dog trials that it would be nice to see black and white sheep dog pieces. She mentioned this while looking at my black on white sheep paintings. which looked like sheep in a blizzard. So here is a study of that idea.

Ontario Flower

Well some people are very happy about the cooler weather. I could have used one more month. Here is the second last layer of the painting. I am never quite good with commissions in an emotional way. I feel I can never reach their expectations.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ontario Flower

Here is a work in progress on a commission for a 4 canvas of the Ontario flower. The 2nd pic is the back ground done in acrylic and the more muted painting all be it with a glare, is with oil bar. next step is the white of the flowers. I used a stretcher to keep the 4 canvases in line.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

venus fly trap

I did the fund raise for the Picton County hospital -Goddess of The County Show and did not get a tax receipt for my table nor for the item that went into the silent auction. I only do fundraiser for the tax receipt. Sad to say I am pissed and disappointed in the professionalism of the event organizer. Myself and the other artist's got screwed over by making donations and not getting a tax receipt. Basically 50 buck a table and a 75 dollar painting kissed good bye. No to mention not a very good turn out. Basically, the day was a right off I left the event with less money and the cost of gas and food for the day. I gotta shake it off. Here is a pic of my latest painting. A venus fly trap and my display at the winery, never again!!!!!~

Monday, August 16, 2010

Womens Art Festival

Dead Girl by Melissa Ryan
I am so tired. I finished the Women's Art Festival yesterday and I was among 180 very awesome and talented females, oh my gosh. I rained on me for a bit. I lost my tent in a wind storm and had just tarps. it was very ghetto. I did very good even though it rained. now I need to unpack it all and dry it out. There was one girl there selling knitted food. It reminded me of "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" movie when everything turns to yarn. I bought a knitted ice cream cone for Lydia (she picked it out). Now she runs around the house licking a knitted ice ream. It's very funny. Here is another picture of dead girl I did. She was a hit.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goddess of the County Art Show

I am participating in a goddess of the county art show at the Casa-Dea Estate Winery that will raise funds for the Prince Edmward County Memorial Hospital. Not sure if the dead gurls would work for this event.

Dead gurl and Doll house

Here is my lates work I did yesterday. Today I am working on a smaller version. I don't want to take the painting out of the house the white is so white and easily stained. this piece is all done with a paintbrush , no markers as well I treated the canvas with two coats of gessoed acrylic with a hint of unbleached titanium. And the Doll House I got online at Youbidlocaly.com pretty cool.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


deadgirl melissa ryan
This week I am getting ready for the Women's Art Festival. I am working on my dead girl series. The Art Festival is this Sunday and it is outdoors, I hope it does not rain cause I have no shelter, which is something I should invest into. I am having better luck finding frames for my prints and I hope to have full stock soon. Here is a painting I just finished today. another crack at the dead girls becoming angels. this one is a bit more gritty. Well back at 'er have more work to do before the show

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sheep Dog Trails 2010 Kingston Ontario

It was an excellent and exciting weekend working in the crafters tent at the sheep dog trails. I am sorry I missed a lot of the trials which were captivation. It was like the chorus line of sheep out there. Very cool stuff and the most beautiful dogs showed up from all over. It was nice to see that everyone was in a super happy mood. All around we had a great time. I made 30 water colours of aerial images of sheep being herded and they were a big hit. I am proud to say the one of the judges and the family that owns a huge herd of 1500 sheep that supplied the sheep for the event own my art work. So cool.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Women's art festival Aug 15th

For this festival I am going to revisit my meerKat series because "Meerkats live in matriarchal society, meaning that females have complete power over the groups, Which means that females choose their partners." sited from wikipedia
I also will research other animals that are matriarchal.

The Women's Art Festival was started in the late 70's by a group of women who were interested in promoting the work of women artists. This outstanding annual one day rain or shine festival has always operated the third Sunday of August. The original concept for the festival has, for the most part, remained unchanged.

This unique, rain or shine art festival has four facets:
Fundraising for local women's organizations
Celebrating women's creativity through the arts
Providing a forum for artists to display their work and meet other artists
Encouraging women to meet, exchange ideas and connect with women's organizations
This non-juried festival features original art designed and created by women and includes painting, printmaking, sculpture and pottery, jewelry, drawing, photography and fabric art to name a few.

The number of artists who exhibit has grown from about 50 in the beginning to over 200 in 2008. About 1/3 of the exhibitors each year are new to the festival. Several artists have inspired their daughters and granddaughters to participate, resulting in multiple generations exhibiting together!

Artists donate 20% of their sales to the women's organizations who have applied to the Festival for funding. In addition, they are invited to donate a piece of art to the silent auction. In the last 28 years, the Women's Art Festival has donated over $75,000 to support women and children who live in Kingston and the surrounding area.

The event has grown from its small roots to be a well-recognized and highly anticipated event. For many years now, we have seen a consistent turnout of approximately 3000 plus people for this one-day event. The crowd is always representative of the whole community and many local residents make it an annual outing for the whole family. It has also become a favourite with the tourist crowd. In addition to the wonderful artwork, visitors can enjoy an afternoon of music, a children's craft area, and a silent auction.

kingston sheep dog trials Aug 6,7,8

here is the link to the site
Kingston Sheep Dog Trials

The Sheep Dog Trials run August 6, 7, and 8 at Grass Creek Park on Highway 2 between Kingston and Gananoque.

Mark your calendar for August 6, 7 & 8, 2010, and join us for the Kingston Sheep Dog Trials at Grass Creek Park (on Highway 2 between Kingston and Gananoque). The trials run from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.
Over 100 of North America's top trial competitors will participate in the Kingston Sheep Dog Trial, the third largest trial in North America.
Admission is $10 a day or $25 for a three day pass. Kids 10 and under are free.
There's plenty of free on-site parking for those who are driving. Accessible washrooms and parking available on site.
Trials' food vendors offer BBQ, baked goods, kettle corn and cotton candy.
The Kingston Sheep Dog Trials have again been named as a Top 100 Ontario Events for 2009 and 2010 (out of a field of more than 5,000 events that take place throughout the province).

Hard core Trials' enthusiasts enjoy three full days of competition, which pit North America's top handlers and their dogs against each other in Canada's largest Sheep Dog Trials. Beginning Friday, Aug. 6, the Trials run daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Side attractions run daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Visitors can also look forward to a variety of interactive side attractions, along with our popular craft and artisans fair, ongoing sheep shearing demonstrations, spinning and craft demonstrations, a Sheep to Shawl competition, dog training seminars, a children's play area, pony rides, a petting zoo and so much more, this festival is one that you won't want to miss.

So, grab your lawn chairs, your kids, your dog(s), and your sun shade, and head out to Grass Creek Park on Highway 2 — just 16 km east of Fort Henry.
For more information call 613-546-4291 ext. 1700.

herding sheep

I am going to be an artist in the crafters tent at the Kingston sheep dog herding trials. I know sounds like fun. So I thought I would do some art for the event. I am thinking more abstract as an aerial view of sheep herds and their movement of being herded. It is very organic and reminds me of my flock of birds series. I am just trying to unpack my studio and find the paint I need. This study here is done with the sheep painted on with drawing gum and then water color, pencil and paint over top then I remove the gum. It's still a work in progress. I can't get into the Kingston farmers market, its too late in the season and they are having no more juries. I am shocked its only July and they close in November. In our wee little community there is a veteran's market so I might check it out and do a mock set up to prepare for the up coming festivals. I am also in the womans festival in DT Kingston.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

New house in Kingston

Here is a pic of our new house in Kingston. Hopefully we will be all moved in by Thursday night. We are going to have a b-day party for Lydia on Saturday with all the Family so we will have to be quick unpackers. we are thinking about buying a kiddy pool for her b-day gift.

Thank you Toronto

Well my husband is back from the 'Stan and all is well. During the past 7 3/4 month I have spent most of the time at my sisters house in the Annex in Toronto. I would like to thank St Alban's Boys and Girls club and the Ontario Early Years Program. Without you and Rachel I would have fallen apart. You could find me at the Early Years Program every morning where I watched Lydia learn to roll over, crawl and interact with others. You guys are life savers. I also want to thank my sister who let me stay in her basement flat. She once said to me "I never come down stair when I hear the baby cry, but when I hear you cry thats when I come and get the baby." On those occasion she save my life. As well I would like to point out that I love this city.
On another note, we got posted to Kingston Ontario ( two hours from TO) woop woop... and we bought our first house (very exciting) we got our march out this week and I am currently back in Toronto. We cleared out of the PMQ on Friday and My Husband has to report to work on Monday and the truck with all our belonging doesn't show up until Thursday. He is coming back to TO to get me Monday and then we are off to Kingston for 4 more nights in Hotels, exhale. Well thats the way it goes in the Army. So far my baby has been on five flights and she will be turning one this weekend.
So, good-bye Edmonton, Albert and CFB Edmonton. I loved my Job as a Centre Registry Clerk at LFWA HQ I'm is sad to go. Hopefully, Kingston will have a mess of files for me to dive into and sort and archive. I can't wait to start painting again and getting my art moving again, I have been neglecting my craft.
Lydia is taking a nap right now while I write in my blog. We went to Christie Pitts pool fo a swim and I need to take another shower and bathe the baby because I can still smell the stench of piss from the water on everything. Ugh yuck, I am never going there again, may as well call it Christie Piss.
Here are some pics of us at the best place to eat in town. Sushi on Bloor, I love their sushi pizza. and a pic of Honest ed's. which is not a place to go into if you have a stroller.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Count down is on

My husband comes home from Afghanistan this month and I am very excited, seven months is a long time to be alone with a baby. I have been staying with my sister and her family in Toronto for some of the time. This past weekend I completed the Sporting for Life 10 km race (apparently it's pretty easy being that it's mostly down hill, I am still sore) but I have a 10 month old and I did a 10 km huzzah. There were 15000 people there and it was a rush. Felt good to finish, my time was 1hr and 5 minutes. Now I wonder what it would feel like to do a 1/2 marathon.I think that would feel pretty awesome to finish. We are getting posted to Kingston On this summer so the adventure continues.
I haven't been to Chapter book store in a while and we went this weekend and to my utter joy Melissa Marr has a new book (I am so out of touch) I have read all her books and I am excited about "Radian Shadows." I also got Holly Blacks new book "White Cat" eek giggle.
Heres is a pic of me and my sister and our neighbor Sonia who writes the blog
at the Sporting for life run

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Almunecar Spain

st patties day

As most of you know and of course the military bloggers, My husband is in the military. He has been in Afghanistan on tour. I was able to meet him on his break and we met in a small town in Spain called Almunecar. I decided to stay in Spain for a month and hang out with the baby since I am on maternity leave. We rented a house in the old village and near our house is the Roman sardine salting ruins and there was an old wall near the park that had the ruins and in this little door was a figurine. Well during a rain storm the "thing" fell and smashed. I decided when I went the the Nerje flea market to get a new creature for the box and here is the replacement I put in the box. Part of that wall is over 2000 years old. pretty cool. The top pics are the new tenant while the older now smashed one is the last pic. Here are some more pics of us in Spain

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bulgogi Marinade recipe Gluten free

1/2 cup soy sauce (VH is gluten free)
1/3 cup brown sugar
3 tablespoons rice wine vinegar
2 tablespoons sesame oil
2 tablespoons of water
8 cloves garlic, minced 1/4 a cup
1 smallish onion minced
2 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds (don't be lazy and add untoasted sesame; toast them on low heat till a light brown)
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
2 packs of chinese fondue beef (which is 700 g of eye of round thinly sliced) partly thawed it and then cut lengthways

First cut up the meat and put in large bowl
cut onions and garlic and set aside
put soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, water, oil in a separate bowl
put untoasted sesame seeds in a pan turn on heat and slowly toast
once toasted add to liquid mix, sizzle
Sweat the garlic and onion in that pan that is now hot until they are shiny turn the heat off and add the rest of the ingredients from the bowl to the pan so the sugar melts and then pour it all over the sliced Chinese fondue beef ( thinly sliced eye of round) and fold it into the meat. set aside till ready to use

let the beef set for an hour or more whatever but keep refrigerated if longer.
cook in batches in a wok or whatever you got.

eat with rice

or put on top of pizza dough (or GF pizza dough) with mozzarella on top and cook in the oven like a pizza 425-450 for 10-15 min

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Baby food in my hair

OH that..thats just spit up on my shirt, slobber on my chin and cereal in my hair. I went for coffee with a friend the other day while I was in Toronto visiting my idea of the centre of the universe. Bloor street. Ahh cake at Futures. And she asked me "So have you been doing any art?" I said "Yeah I am doing an art installation with diapers and the compost bin." It took a moment but she understood. I am at my parents in Quebec for a bit waiting for my flight to Spain to meet my husband. It been 4 1/2 month since we have seen him. I will be staying in spain for a month it will be exciting. I would love to do some sketches while I am there but it will be impossible with a overly curious 7 month old. exhale, when do they nap?????

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Flappy ears

This is a video I posted on Funny or Die. I am not technologically suave so this was one way to send my husband video of the baby and it is pretty funny. Lots of people have looked at it too. Probably more people looked at it in a week than who look at this blog in a year. So just click on this link and I am sure you will get a kick out of it. P.S. The music in the back ground is Adele from the CD Adele 19 flappy ears

Baby Brain

So some know and most don't I am staying with my parents while my husband is on tour. We will leave it at that. So I want to be creative and do some form of artsy but the majority of my day is spent breastfeeding. pureeing food, and changing diapers with lots of kisses here and there to a wonderful happy baby, How did I get so blessed? So I think to myself do I write in my blog when I am no longer creating? I don't have an answer but I think I might just use the blogging as my tool to be creative and well we will see. Here is a pic of Christmas day with the cat and the baby. poor cat, but funny.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Gloomy bear

I guess its no surprise to a lot of people that we collect funky stuff. We found this pink bear in a funky shop on Whyte Ave in Edmonton. It's a Gloomy Bear By Mori Chack (His Idea is that Bears should not be in captivity and they will eventually turn on you because it is a wild animal and not a pet, so stay away from bears) this bear we got is 16 inches tall, hard plastic and we got it when we found out we were having a girl. awwwwe. It can go in her room and scare the boogy monster.

My husband as a surprize got me the Hello Kitty Cactus by Tokidoki as well as a gift. It is definitely one of a kind. The only Hello Kitty with a skull and cross bones.

Finally to add to the collection. After months of hunting I found a My neighbor Totoro doll. What I like the most is the hunt for odd objects. You never now what you will find. Sure I guess you could just click and get it online but finding randomly it by walking around and checking out new funky shops run by local people is even better.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Margaret Tarrant "Strike up the Easter band"

My husband and I love looking at antiques, he is on the hunt for a roll top desk. I was looking for bunny kins, particularly the two handle mug and a plate and wide lip bowl and a makeup suit case or hat suit case. I found them all.

We went to a place in Edmonton called the antique mall. Stalls and stalls of stuff, all be it over priced. By this time we new the value of some stuff and we were shocked at the prices of the stuff in this mall. As well all prices were fixed with no bartering. Who doesn't love a good haggle? So one day i saw this piece, just a poster by Margaret Tarrant called "Strike up the Easter band" 16"x20" (Margaret Tarrant drew the pics for the Alice in Wonderland book and water babies, ah just google her) and ever since I got pregnant all I think about is bunnies/rabbits/hares. I think it is her spirit animal 100%. So I walk away from it cause it was retardedly over priced. And thought about that piece for days and I thought if that poster in an old crappy frame from the 1950's gets sold it will be my biggest regret. So we went back weeks later and I paid full price on the most beautiful image for my babies room.

Its been a long time I know

I have not been doing much art so I have been discussing in my head what is my blog for is it a diary of my life regardless of if I am actively creating or is it just for my art and what I create. I read a lot of books and have opinions on them and have often thought about writing about them. then I ask myself do I just create another blog then? when do I separate the two? then they may intertwine and I would be writing things twice. Anyways for the past year have been working for the Canadian military as a clerk I archive and log incoming correspondence and documents. Most of the civilians I worked with are children, husbands or wives of military personnel like me or former military members. Last fall I found out I was pregnant and wanted to get a secure income for maternity leave. I knew that working as an artist was a great job but it did not supply me with the benefits of a federal job. Incidentally my brain loved the job I did. The numbers and patterns of filing was meditative for me and like a puzzle. I had a baby girl in July we named her Lydia Jane. Here is a picture of my pickle. I never realized how much time is consumed by taking care of a baby. I have been meaning to write in my blog but I have had no time. It's either sleep when she does or pay for it later.