Thursday, July 22, 2010

herding sheep

I am going to be an artist in the crafters tent at the Kingston sheep dog herding trials. I know sounds like fun. So I thought I would do some art for the event. I am thinking more abstract as an aerial view of sheep herds and their movement of being herded. It is very organic and reminds me of my flock of birds series. I am just trying to unpack my studio and find the paint I need. This study here is done with the sheep painted on with drawing gum and then water color, pencil and paint over top then I remove the gum. It's still a work in progress. I can't get into the Kingston farmers market, its too late in the season and they are having no more juries. I am shocked its only July and they close in November. In our wee little community there is a veteran's market so I might check it out and do a mock set up to prepare for the up coming festivals. I am also in the womans festival in DT Kingston.

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