Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Its been a long time I know

I have not been doing much art so I have been discussing in my head what is my blog for is it a diary of my life regardless of if I am actively creating or is it just for my art and what I create. I read a lot of books and have opinions on them and have often thought about writing about them. then I ask myself do I just create another blog then? when do I separate the two? then they may intertwine and I would be writing things twice. Anyways for the past year have been working for the Canadian military as a clerk I archive and log incoming correspondence and documents. Most of the civilians I worked with are children, husbands or wives of military personnel like me or former military members. Last fall I found out I was pregnant and wanted to get a secure income for maternity leave. I knew that working as an artist was a great job but it did not supply me with the benefits of a federal job. Incidentally my brain loved the job I did. The numbers and patterns of filing was meditative for me and like a puzzle. I had a baby girl in July we named her Lydia Jane. Here is a picture of my pickle. I never realized how much time is consumed by taking care of a baby. I have been meaning to write in my blog but I have had no time. It's either sleep when she does or pay for it later.

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