Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Margaret Tarrant "Strike up the Easter band"

My husband and I love looking at antiques, he is on the hunt for a roll top desk. I was looking for bunny kins, particularly the two handle mug and a plate and wide lip bowl and a makeup suit case or hat suit case. I found them all.

We went to a place in Edmonton called the antique mall. Stalls and stalls of stuff, all be it over priced. By this time we new the value of some stuff and we were shocked at the prices of the stuff in this mall. As well all prices were fixed with no bartering. Who doesn't love a good haggle? So one day i saw this piece, just a poster by Margaret Tarrant called "Strike up the Easter band" 16"x20" (Margaret Tarrant drew the pics for the Alice in Wonderland book and water babies, ah just google her) and ever since I got pregnant all I think about is bunnies/rabbits/hares. I think it is her spirit animal 100%. So I walk away from it cause it was retardedly over priced. And thought about that piece for days and I thought if that poster in an old crappy frame from the 1950's gets sold it will be my biggest regret. So we went back weeks later and I paid full price on the most beautiful image for my babies room.

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