Thursday, July 22, 2010

Women's art festival Aug 15th

For this festival I am going to revisit my meerKat series because "Meerkats live in matriarchal society, meaning that females have complete power over the groups, Which means that females choose their partners." sited from wikipedia
I also will research other animals that are matriarchal.

The Women's Art Festival was started in the late 70's by a group of women who were interested in promoting the work of women artists. This outstanding annual one day rain or shine festival has always operated the third Sunday of August. The original concept for the festival has, for the most part, remained unchanged.

This unique, rain or shine art festival has four facets:
Fundraising for local women's organizations
Celebrating women's creativity through the arts
Providing a forum for artists to display their work and meet other artists
Encouraging women to meet, exchange ideas and connect with women's organizations
This non-juried festival features original art designed and created by women and includes painting, printmaking, sculpture and pottery, jewelry, drawing, photography and fabric art to name a few.

The number of artists who exhibit has grown from about 50 in the beginning to over 200 in 2008. About 1/3 of the exhibitors each year are new to the festival. Several artists have inspired their daughters and granddaughters to participate, resulting in multiple generations exhibiting together!

Artists donate 20% of their sales to the women's organizations who have applied to the Festival for funding. In addition, they are invited to donate a piece of art to the silent auction. In the last 28 years, the Women's Art Festival has donated over $75,000 to support women and children who live in Kingston and the surrounding area.

The event has grown from its small roots to be a well-recognized and highly anticipated event. For many years now, we have seen a consistent turnout of approximately 3000 plus people for this one-day event. The crowd is always representative of the whole community and many local residents make it an annual outing for the whole family. It has also become a favourite with the tourist crowd. In addition to the wonderful artwork, visitors can enjoy an afternoon of music, a children's craft area, and a silent auction.

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