Sunday, July 04, 2010

Thank you Toronto

Well my husband is back from the 'Stan and all is well. During the past 7 3/4 month I have spent most of the time at my sisters house in the Annex in Toronto. I would like to thank St Alban's Boys and Girls club and the Ontario Early Years Program. Without you and Rachel I would have fallen apart. You could find me at the Early Years Program every morning where I watched Lydia learn to roll over, crawl and interact with others. You guys are life savers. I also want to thank my sister who let me stay in her basement flat. She once said to me "I never come down stair when I hear the baby cry, but when I hear you cry thats when I come and get the baby." On those occasion she save my life. As well I would like to point out that I love this city.
On another note, we got posted to Kingston Ontario ( two hours from TO) woop woop... and we bought our first house (very exciting) we got our march out this week and I am currently back in Toronto. We cleared out of the PMQ on Friday and My Husband has to report to work on Monday and the truck with all our belonging doesn't show up until Thursday. He is coming back to TO to get me Monday and then we are off to Kingston for 4 more nights in Hotels, exhale. Well thats the way it goes in the Army. So far my baby has been on five flights and she will be turning one this weekend.
So, good-bye Edmonton, Albert and CFB Edmonton. I loved my Job as a Centre Registry Clerk at LFWA HQ I'm is sad to go. Hopefully, Kingston will have a mess of files for me to dive into and sort and archive. I can't wait to start painting again and getting my art moving again, I have been neglecting my craft.
Lydia is taking a nap right now while I write in my blog. We went to Christie Pitts pool fo a swim and I need to take another shower and bathe the baby because I can still smell the stench of piss from the water on everything. Ugh yuck, I am never going there again, may as well call it Christie Piss.
Here are some pics of us at the best place to eat in town. Sushi on Bloor, I love their sushi pizza. and a pic of Honest ed's. which is not a place to go into if you have a stroller.

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