Sunday, February 07, 2010

Baby food in my hair

OH that..thats just spit up on my shirt, slobber on my chin and cereal in my hair. I went for coffee with a friend the other day while I was in Toronto visiting my idea of the centre of the universe. Bloor street. Ahh cake at Futures. And she asked me "So have you been doing any art?" I said "Yeah I am doing an art installation with diapers and the compost bin." It took a moment but she understood. I am at my parents in Quebec for a bit waiting for my flight to Spain to meet my husband. It been 4 1/2 month since we have seen him. I will be staying in spain for a month it will be exciting. I would love to do some sketches while I am there but it will be impossible with a overly curious 7 month old. exhale, when do they nap?????

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