Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Almunecar Spain

st patties day

As most of you know and of course the military bloggers, My husband is in the military. He has been in Afghanistan on tour. I was able to meet him on his break and we met in a small town in Spain called Almunecar. I decided to stay in Spain for a month and hang out with the baby since I am on maternity leave. We rented a house in the old village and near our house is the Roman sardine salting ruins and there was an old wall near the park that had the ruins and in this little door was a figurine. Well during a rain storm the "thing" fell and smashed. I decided when I went the the Nerje flea market to get a new creature for the box and here is the replacement I put in the box. Part of that wall is over 2000 years old. pretty cool. The top pics are the new tenant while the older now smashed one is the last pic. Here are some more pics of us in Spain

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