Thursday, June 28, 2007

Packing for Toronto

A few years back I bought a computer, I saved for a while and after the Xmas expo I made enought to get me an emac. 14inch and it weights 55 pounds exact. Now at that time i did not think I was going to be moving about or yadadada. well here I am on my way to Toronto and I am not going to bring my computer. I am going to go with a stock of prints and stuff on disc and thats it. I hope to buy a mac book up there. Well thats the goal. So far I have over 400 images to take with me. I am already going through bouts of sadness on leaving my beast behind. Oh as you can see Here are some images I did this week. I did not have time to finish the other paintings. I also think the M777 and the chopper one need more work I think I will go to a finer level of detail. I started two new stores on line with my product and we will see how that goes. you can check em out on the side over here. My skate board sold for $135 at the auction. Pretty cool. I don't really want to go to Toronto, I like it here, slow paced relaxed. humph poop.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

proskates blog

Click this link to check out their blog. It shows all the entries into the Skate Auction and some really cool stuff was done to some of the boards. oh and you can see mine too.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Holy cow did it rain yesterday. Down poured and thunder and lightning, it was like three different storm. I went for a run later in the day and got caught in a sheet of rain. Fearing for the life of my ipod. Thinking I don't want to ruin two ipods in one year. I sprinted home with my ipod in my pants. I got home soaked but I save the ipod ...phew. Finished the Howitzer and yesterday I preped 7 canvases to finish of the body. I should have 42 in the collection. I am now working on the LAV III, LEOPARD, GRIFFIN, air born, anti air craft tank thingy, M777 and some more Howitzers. The auction yeaterday apparently went well, I didn't go to it. It is a long drive from Oromocto to Halifax and I was not in the mood to be travelling for that period of time. I would of had to take a 6 hours bus ride there. Yuck 12 hours on a bus no thanks. Apparently my deck was up to $120. So will see how much it fetches. What else, oh yeah we taught the cat to tap the door knob when he wants to go out. I went to CTAPC on base and I was able to look at some of there better files and photo which is were I got the material for the last 7 paintings. They offered to photograph my painting professionally so I can have it on a digital file. I squeeked with joy. Well I need to go through the proper paperwork to do it but how fricked cool is that. I am going to the base museum this coming week to see what they have there and if we can work on a show. fingers crossed.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

105MM HOWITZER (in progress)

This is my work in progress it is the largest canvas in the entire series. It is four feet by two feet. I like the brown in the back ground. I am using a mix of Gold green and Hookers green. I am also seeing if I can get my work on a poster website. I registerd at and I am waiting to see if they like my art enough to sell it. You can have a free gallery and have 50 images for sale. I looked at some of the artist work and I think I will be able to sell on their Artist Rising section. Well will see. I was going over my stock of prints and images I have and they are way over 50 ways.... way way over 100 so if i do good I may just pay more to add more images. its like $50.00 a years. Gosh but I am so cheep, what to do what to do?? I have had my bombgurl book sent to a lot of pubishers and it has been refused. Even thougth she is very popular. Fingers crossed on all this lot. So I finally bit the bullet and went to drivers Ed and I drove on a highway and in Oromocto for the first time this week. I liked it, I was really nervous but I liked it. When does the sounds of artillery fire and gun fire from the base blend into the background?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Halifax Skatepark Coalition

Doors Crash Open on Friday, June 22 at 6:30pm. Art on Skateboards! What a great idea! Each year the work just gets better and better. Come out on Friday and enjoy the silent auction as well as the LIVE AUCTION that will get underway at around 7:30-8pm.

This event coincides with the Grand Opening of the Halifax Skatepark at the Commons on Sat, June 23. Then come back to finalize your silent bidding wars on great decks- turned- works- of art on Sunday, June 24. All bids end at 4pm!! Check, Pro Skates and for more details and previews of decks soon!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

CH 124 Seaking

This was the largest in the series and the most difficult. The size of the painting is 2feet by 3feet. I had some accidents that were fixable but indicative of the characteristics of the Seaking. I found myself walking away from the painting and completed five other one and then finally resigned myself to finish it. I like the color, under other circumstances sea foam geen would be tacky, but here I think it is fitting.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pro Skates Art Auction

Along with the series I am working on, "Canadian Issue" I also participated in the Pro-skates Art Auction. This auction will be held at the Arglye Fine Arts Gallery on Lower Water Street, Halifax NS. Local artist paint on a skate deck and the paintings are auctioned off to Fundraise for themaintenance and constuction of the new local skatepark. The live auction will be FRIDAY JUNE 22 AT 6PM, and you can continue to bid on some of the boards on the 23 and 24th. This is the deck I have done for the auction. It is one of my favorite images I have done in the series I call it ARC. Last year I did the AH64A APACHE. If you can make it to the auction it will be a blast. And my birthday is the 25 so bidding on the deck would be awsome. I will be 33 this year. Here is a pic of last years auction.

Canadian Issue- A remarkable endeavour

I was in the Oromocto Post Gazette this weekend. A very good article. Hopefully it will generate enought buzz to get the paintings a place to be exhibited or go on tour. I tried to find the article on line of it but to no avail.

Monday, June 11, 2007


I am never comfortable with doing portrait. I took this contract on to shake off that uneasyness. But, I can't shake the feeling of "are they going to hate it?" This one was super hard a lot of emotions of different types were felt, RAGE was one. There is always that problem with contracts. The person that wants the painting has an idea in their head and well the out come will never be that image they think of. The background and the guy on the right was from one photo and the two guys on the left are from another. I am struggling with adding more detail to the face then there will be an inbalance in the detail on the face and the rest of the paintigns loose lines. I like the way it looks, there is a softness to it. OH well keep yah posted on the out come.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Ch146 Griffon

These paintings were a blast I love the color. Again Cudo's to Gold Green, love that color. I am working on a contract a portrait of some guys serving in Afganistan I am excited about how it is going to turn out. So far I have done 34 painting in the series and some days I feel that I am almost finished and then most of the rest of the time I feel I have just scratched the surface and I have only just begun. Tonight is date night and we are going to see the movie Knocked Up and mexican food. I can't wait to see the movie.