Thursday, April 26, 2007

sig sauer 9mm

I just finshed this one today as well. The cat loves to chase crows and it is pretty funny to watch him jump 7 feet into the air after a crow then almost get killed by them nose diving over him. I think he rolled in crap cause he smells like ass so I gotta go give him a bath. Stinky kitty. I just finished the book "Great and Terrible Beauty" by Libba Bray and I am now reading Rebel Angel the part two of the trilogy. Oh they are a good read. and I just finished Inkheart, next book is Inkspell. by Cornelia Funke check out the movie data base website and check out the cast for the upcoming movie of the book Inkheart. She also wrote the book The thief Lord whick is a great movie as well. Now she was the producer in The Thief lord and the rendition from the book is exact, and the casting was impressive. She is also the producer on this movie Inkheart and i think it is going to be exciting. Bendan Fraser plays Mo. I am just giddy. Not like the terrible disappoinment of Eargon ( what the hell was that) nothing like the book whick would have been an awsome epic movie if it was rendered exact.

sniper .50cal

Your not allowed to let your cats out in this community. I find that is a form of torcher. We live in a rural very grassy fun area with lots of trees to climb and squirrrels to chase. I trained the cat and it does not leave the yard. It took over a month, of having it on a leash then a harness and a rope tied to the clothes line. Now he goes out a stays in the yard. I only let him out for a bit and I am always with him and he never goes out after the sun goes down. I have a string and he chases me around the outside of the house until he plops down exhausted. I also only let him out right before I feed him so he is hungry and will want to come in when I shake a jar of food. I worry cause cats can eventually get stubborn, you can only play fetch with them for so ling the they don't listen.
Here is my latest painting. it is the snipers .50 caliber rifle. I love the colors.
Here is something I do to remind me of Korea I make Bulgogi pizza
I love to cook,
I am not sure if you make you own pizza dough or buy the dough. I make my dough
you get fondu beef 5 bucks worth(you can get at every grocery story, its hard to find so ask the meat guy) its usually frozen
go to a korean grocery and buy a small bottle of Bulgogi BEEF (not pork) maranade sause.
OK maranade the fondu beef
to add a bit of taste to the maranade
two cloves of garlic minced
one small onion minced
if you have some sesame oil and soy sause add 1 tbl spoon of each with 1 teaspoon of brown sugar
if you dont have sesame oil don't add the soy sause without it
maranade for 2hours or make sure the meat is thawed
cook it up in a frying pan, let it simmer till the sause reduces. (don't want the pizza soggy)
add it on top of the pizza dough
add mushrooms if you like
mozarella cheeze and diced Jalapinos if you dare (all over)
cook in the oven for 12-15 minutes at 425 degress

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

30 hours of Hail

Oh my gosh the weather sucks we have had 30 hour of freezing rain, hail and fat wet snow. I have yet to see the sun in days. I am on my way to halifax for the last time in a while. Trevor is going to a funeral for one of the boy that died in Afganistan and I am picking up supplies and going to meetings. In the past two weeks or so I have done eight paintings, here are some pics of them. The walls here are getting pretty full and I have more work to do to finish the body of work. Last week I was able to view a lot of the infantry schools photo archive. Thanks you guys for all the help. I also was able to take pics of the LAV and the 50 Cal rifel. Oh my gosh that gun is heavy. Did you know the gun with its three parts weighs 148 pound this does not include the tripod. Can you imagin carrying one part of that gun for 5 KM. You would have to be a big guy. Thats like carrying a keg plus all your gear. I am currently working on the Sig Sauer 9mm pistol P223. It going alright, it will be done today. next two weeks I am doing the 50 Cal rifle, the 50 Cal sniper, the LAV, the leopard, Nyala and three artillery pieces. That should finish up the body of work. I still would like to do at least 50 more pieces. I have to get new paint brushes cause all mine have been worn down. Well back to work.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

sad day on base

The town is very sad for the six guys who died this weekend, all flags are half mast some even in Fredericton. Trevor is teaching on an exercise for three day and it is gonna be lonely. We watched the three season of Entourage this weekend. It was great. Anything from HBO has so far impressed me. I would ge the channel but I prefer renting them on my own time. we also rented the matador. Too much dialogue and it was the worst movie ever, we had to watch it in fast forward. Ugh just terrible. So I check out the face book, its cool, I can chat with people I haven't seen in a long time and they are not on msn so I like it. I like that i can leave a note and not have to chat with them, most of the time, I have like half hour to fart around online when I am having my breakfast in the morning. so long chats, any chats are just to wordy for me. I am checking to see if I can photograph the 50 kalibler rifle today, some hand guns and check out their library of stock photos, wish me luck. Oh yeah here is two pics of my geishas I did this week.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Working on my summer line

I am taking a break from the project for the next three days and I am working on my summer line. I have 6 soft pink, 7 lime green and 4 blue canvases preped. I am doing a series of geishas on the pink here is one I started yesterday, It is very far from completed but you get the idea. I think I will do some bamboo on the lime and some Koi fish on the blue ones. This is just to get my feet wet in the production for the summer. I will be in Toronto on the street near Queen and Spadina on June 1st- September. This year will be more of a busking event rather than a selling event of prints. I will have the prints but in poster format. I cannot find a frame supplier that is affordable anymore.
Here are some pic of my kitty. We looked up what breed he might be and he may be a bombay cat or he may just be a solid black cat. He is very vocal and has human like characteristics. Here is a pic of him in a box and in his new house which he is always on. They say Bombay cats have a tendency to get obease. So we ration his food throughout the day and only the specific amount. If I put any amount two table spoons or half a cup of food, he inhales it. I really don't want a fat cat so we are monitoring his food from the start. Pretty funny cat, he has a black toy mouse he carries with him and plays will for hours, and if you throw it at him and he is on the bed he will leap in the air three feet, fly into the wall in mid flight catch his toy and land on the floor, and ready to keep on playing. We have to stop because we can't stop laughing.