Thursday, March 29, 2007

C14 Timberwolf

All done the sniper rifle. I think I have had my fill of painting guns. The cat keeps on trying to get out. In the town of Oromocto you are not aloud to let your pets out without a leash. We got the cat a harness and a leash but that has been a retarted experience. I would love it if my cat was an outdoors cat, but I think the cat is just going to have to stay in until we move to a different area. We might get a collar and just let it out and see if the cat comes back. I don't think it will get picked up by the municipality. Up next artillery.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


This is the background for my latest painting. The canvas size is 18 by 36. The color in this is awsome I am so happy with it. I am doing the sniper rifle with camouflage paint on it and so I wanted to blend the background and make it have a pattern rather than be layered. I used 4/5 Cerulean blue hue mixed with 1/5 Neutral Grey Value 5 for the words Timberwolf. For the words C14 I used just the Neutral Grey Value 5. The colors that is the blend of both is just that. The exact mix of both colors. It makes the letters C14 look transparent over the canvas when really it's three different colors. I love how the blue makes the grey look like its a tan color. I wonder if in different lighting will it ever show itself as grey. I am starting the gun today. It is neat the change of a color when it is next to another. When the sun comes in our bedroom through the beige curtains it makes any black fabric look like deep red.
Like in the installation done by the artist Ann Hamiltion, she had live peacocks walking around the Contemporary Museum of Modern art in Montreal and over head was waving red fabric. The red Muted and dulled the peacocks brilliance.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Today I am starting the C14 it is the standard issue sniper rifle. it is going to be fun beacuse it is painted in camoflage. I have had a sinus cold forever now and I can't seem to shake it. It is a pain to sleep. The cat is crazy as ever, if it is not sleeping its doing laps all over the house. We went tohalifax this weekend and had a great time hanging with our friends. its always good to stay in touch.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Carl Gustav 84 mm SRAAW(M)

Just Finished it. Blah, going to go take a break and rent Eragon. This the 84 Carl G it is an anti armour weapon. Basically a rocket launcher. I love the contrast between the bright orange background and the black green of the weapon. When the rocket thingy is fired a blast of flames comes out so I chose the background to refect that.


I have had a sinus cold for a week now causing a lot of frustration. I am not sure how I got it but I can't breath throught my nose most of the time. I finished the C9 A1 last week and I am on the finishing touches of the 84 Carl G once finished I will have completed all the guns in the series and so far since I have been here I have completed 17 paintings. Next week I am going on base and looking into their archives of photos. I am grateful and I feel privileged to be able to have so much material to work with. I am excited to see what will come of this exploration. I will be doing the artillery guns next. Like the Triple 7.
I started runnning everyday and I have toned up quite a bit. I am confused because I weigh the same but I have lost 4 inches on my waist. That is so discouraging. Trevor put a chin up bar in the door way between the bedroom/bathroom area and the livingroom/ kitchen area. Everytime he goes under he has to do a chin up. I do it as well, and I am getting pretty strong. At the the gym there are some crazy ass G I Janes working out. I call them the meat eaters. All they do is look at themselves in the mirror while they workout.
I am having new dreams lately they crop up daily. They are of women sprouting new wings. Tulips growing from rubble. I see a change in the way I work on the street. This summer I will be more of a busker and doing live canvases and I may have to switch to investing all my funds into a printing company and sell posters of my work than framed prints. The benefits of the change are plenty. I will not be spent time matting and staining frames. I won't be carrying so much weight and having the problem with glass breaking. The posters will be water proof incases of the sudden Toronto rain. I see some of my work better suited in large poster style. I am looking into different poster companies right now. I also can't find the frames I use to purcase anymore.
I am wondering if I put the painting I do up on the internet does that stop people from going to the unvailing of the series. Should I not be showing them at all? Should I be hiding some of them? Sometimes I think about this. Then I just think that it is best to share the time and process of a project and live in the here and now.
Here is a pic of Trevor and Spartan taking a cat nap.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

New name Spartan

Holy coolest Kitty on earth. It doesn't flinch at anything. In fact it chases the broom. He sat in my office chair and chilled while I painted. very cool kitty. Trevor is in Cape Breton visiting Family. He knew I was getting a cat but he didn't know I named him Sparta. He called me after going to see the movie 300 and said I know what to name the cat Spartan. Its kinda weird we thought up the same name. Its ever weirder the cat comes to that name. Today I am working on the C9 A1 today and the CARL G.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Here is Sparta, he is all black and has a bit of siamese in him, he is loud and talk quite a bit, and he is a little crosseyed. very affectionate. I got him today from the SPCA in Oromocto. I just gave him a bath and he was fine with that. He is a lap cat. He has been sitting sleeping and purring on my lap for a half hour now. Soo cute. He is almost two. He was a stray when they got him at the SCPA on Feb 14th and they named him Titius. That just reminds me of the TV show that I hated, so lame. So I was thinking Sparta would be a good boy name and tough. So at the SPCA I said Sparta to him and he meowed loudly. Sot there yah go. I also always forget the age of a cat and how many years old it is. So calling him Sparta the same time the Movie is coming out is a great way to keep track of his age.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Holy cow that took everything out of me to paint. blah so much detail.

Monday, March 05, 2007

M-2O3 C7A2

Sorry It has been a while. Just sitting pretty in my winter. This is all my brothers fault. We bought the game Carcassonne and it is awsome. We played the game Catan at xmas ( my brother brought) and it is a game only to be play with four players at best, two players is not fun because you can't trade cards with just two people. Anyways we went to Strange Adventures in Fredericton and found this game Carcassonne that is great for two player and its a lot of fun. We got hooked so we added to the game with the river II expantion pack, we had River I, and the expation pack with Traders and Builders. We also got the game Carcassonne -The City which is just like the original but you are building within and city wall. We think my neices and nefews will love it. You just match the tiles so they have the same landscape and build cities and get points. So we are bringing this at xmas. The Guy ( a self proclaimed Geek) working at The store said "Yeah this game is very Popular, different people are coming in here to buy these games and it is selling by word of mouth." We were like do we look like "different people" and he was like yeah but also university students are getting the game Carcassonne and Catan and you don't see that very often. I said well we wouldn't normally buy these games but my brother introduced it to us and he plays games. He said it was amazing how popular the games are just by people sharing and talking. We also Found out another game that is apparently the best ever called Puerto Rico but you need more players than two.
We have been visiting the SPCA and looking at their cats and dogs and looking at our lives and see if it can work out. We think a cat can work for now but we are still thinking. We have this empty house and all those cats in the shelter, its so sad. Here is a pic of Blossom, who is funny looking we spent time with her but she has no personality, she ignores you. Trevor liked one of the cats called Spook. We are now dog walkers as well and have started taking the dogs for walks. The Fredericton SPCA is very clean but very sterile and prison-like for the animals. The Oromocto SPCA is shanty but it gives the pets a more comforting homey environment with accents of plywood. We walked a dog from there too this weekend. You can look at some of the Animals by googling SPCA Oromocto and Fredericton. Here is a pic of the gun I finished last week I am currenty slaving over my C6 GPMG THE PIG painting.