Thursday, December 14, 2006

burning the candle

I got 9 days to go and I am burnt out. I did great today but I will be thankful when it is over. I have been staying later and later on the street. Tonight I closed up at 7:30 pm and it was busy, busy busy. I set up frurther east right next to Miss Demeaner so I can use the window dispaly lighting to light my stuff when the sun goes down. The sun is so close to the horizon all day that the noth side of the street is always in the shade. Now that I think about it in the summer I am going to boil/cook/fry. Then I am getting an orange clear film to lay over my work to protect it from the sun. Tomorrow it is going to rain but I might try and go out and get a clear plastic drop cloth and go out in the rain. Hmmm or not. still undecided. I have no stock. blah this is never ending, which can be a good thing. My goal is to have the funds available to pay for all the material for the paintings I am doing in Oromocto (whick will be a lot a lot a lot and pay for my living). I am so excited about this xmas and the move. It is a whole new adventure for me. weeee. The one thing I did like about Toronto while I was here was Steam Whistle Beer, so yummy and light. So on that note. Check out the new video directed by my friend Bradly Cayford, who use to visit me my first year selling on the street three years ago. Thanks for the support. Well here is the latest video he animated for the Most excellent Jimmy Swift Band. and vote for it next week on Muchmusic support our local artist. When I saw the video I told him I felt cooler cause I know him, haha. Bradly Cayford works for corpernicus studios and also did the Nelly Furtado video Explode, he is a native of Toronto now living in Halifax Nova Scotia. I also ran into the amazing Folk diva singer extrordiar Jenn Grant today and Jason Burns drummer from Down with the Butterfly Nice chattin with u guys. Hope to do work with u guys real soon. And them I think Buck 65 walked by, and then I sold two painting from these guys from Halifax. They were like yeah we are from Halifax, I'm like Me too. Look out everyone Haligonians are on a tear on Queen.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Warm winds

There was a cold front that just past. On Friday I did not work it was too cold. Instead I went with my sister and her family to the Yorkdale Mall. Wow what a mall it is too. We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and it was pretty cool. The food was okay but mostly you were paying for the environment. It looked like it was a labor of love to keep everything working fine and the fish tanks alright. It was like you were in a rainforest and there was even thunder and lightning and lifesize elephants freaking out. On Saturday and Sunday I worked and I did great and it was warmer.
On Saturday people from PETA were protesting in front of a store for selling fur. They had posters of ugly pictures. So many people called the cops. I had enough and called the police when they started yelling at a woman in a fur hat, saying she was a murderer and had blood on her hands. Now is that really necessary. They have been there for three weeks every Saturday parking their SUV's and wasting paper by handing out flyers that people rip up. One of the other artists asked them to keep their area contained and not scream and lay picture of blood animals all over the sidewalk and spread out so much. Cause people were not looking at art anymore. The protesters told him to go fuck himself. Is that any way to treat a street artist. So they can only protest on the Saturday cause they have jobs to go to on the weekdays. How would they like it if someone ruined their day so they couldn't get paid to work. This Saturday it was not so bad with the protesters. One of them tries to talk to me but I told him to go fuck himself, naturally. But I am sure to see them next weekend. And again I will wear my hand made rabbit fur hat I bought in the flea market bins at St Eugines Church in Morin Heights Quebec. Taking one for the team and looking good doing it.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

ANNA G and Me

It is Minus 7 out there. Below normal temperature and I am contemplating going out to sell. Honestly, deep down I do not want to. But there is that very large voice in my head that is always bullying me to do so. I feel burnt out from the summer and I don't really want to sell for a while. I guess the winter season and the xmas shopping buzz is a tempting lure to participate in. I have gone out a couple time so far this winter and this is the latest in the year and the coldest time of year I have ever sold on the street. It looks like it will warm up this weekend and we will have warmer than usual weather coming up so I am just going to stay in and restock.
I have decided to pack up all my belongings and move it to Oromocto. Just because it is cheaper to do so rather than pay for storage for how ever many months up to ten. With this being said I have decided to Purge everything I own. Everyday I throw loads of stuff out. From clothing to mostly clothing and then some bits and pieces of clothing. When I finish that I move on to throwing out more clothing. Why do I have so much? It baffles me. I have 20 pairs a pants and I wear only one of them for the most part. (random thought chicken and spaghetti is not a good mix)
Here is a pic of my new pendant. It is the Anna G by Alessandro Mendini, a Designer for Alessi. I love her. The pendant was discontinued last year and I think Trevor got me the last one. Thanks babe, I love it. love it. love it.