Tuesday, August 24, 2010

venus fly trap

I did the fund raise for the Picton County hospital -Goddess of The County Show and did not get a tax receipt for my table nor for the item that went into the silent auction. I only do fundraiser for the tax receipt. Sad to say I am pissed and disappointed in the professionalism of the event organizer. Myself and the other artist's got screwed over by making donations and not getting a tax receipt. Basically 50 buck a table and a 75 dollar painting kissed good bye. No to mention not a very good turn out. Basically, the day was a right off I left the event with less money and the cost of gas and food for the day. I gotta shake it off. Here is a pic of my latest painting. A venus fly trap and my display at the winery, never again!!!!!~

Monday, August 16, 2010

Womens Art Festival

Dead Girl by Melissa Ryan
I am so tired. I finished the Women's Art Festival yesterday and I was among 180 very awesome and talented females, oh my gosh. I rained on me for a bit. I lost my tent in a wind storm and had just tarps. it was very ghetto. I did very good even though it rained. now I need to unpack it all and dry it out. There was one girl there selling knitted food. It reminded me of "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" movie when everything turns to yarn. I bought a knitted ice cream cone for Lydia (she picked it out). Now she runs around the house licking a knitted ice ream. It's very funny. Here is another picture of dead girl I did. She was a hit.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goddess of the County Art Show

I am participating in a goddess of the county art show at the Casa-Dea Estate Winery that will raise funds for the Prince Edmward County Memorial Hospital. Not sure if the dead gurls would work for this event.

Dead gurl and Doll house

Here is my lates work I did yesterday. Today I am working on a smaller version. I don't want to take the painting out of the house the white is so white and easily stained. this piece is all done with a paintbrush , no markers as well I treated the canvas with two coats of gessoed acrylic with a hint of unbleached titanium. And the Doll House I got online at Youbidlocaly.com pretty cool.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


deadgirl melissa ryan
This week I am getting ready for the Women's Art Festival. I am working on my dead girl series. The Art Festival is this Sunday and it is outdoors, I hope it does not rain cause I have no shelter, which is something I should invest into. I am having better luck finding frames for my prints and I hope to have full stock soon. Here is a painting I just finished today. another crack at the dead girls becoming angels. this one is a bit more gritty. Well back at 'er have more work to do before the show

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sheep Dog Trails 2010 Kingston Ontario

It was an excellent and exciting weekend working in the crafters tent at the sheep dog trails. I am sorry I missed a lot of the trials which were captivation. It was like the chorus line of sheep out there. Very cool stuff and the most beautiful dogs showed up from all over. It was nice to see that everyone was in a super happy mood. All around we had a great time. I made 30 water colours of aerial images of sheep being herded and they were a big hit. I am proud to say the one of the judges and the family that owns a huge herd of 1500 sheep that supplied the sheep for the event own my art work. So cool.