Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crow Nests

We were driving home from my mom and dad's house a few weekends ago and on the side of the highway in the field was a bunch tall dead trees with crows nests in them. It was beautiful, it looked like headstone in a graveyard the long sticks of trees with the nests in them. So, last weekend I went to the Thousand Island Art Association art sale in Mallory Town and on the drive back I tried to find the area again but it must be further east on the 401. Any how here is the first in the series. I got some help with the composition of the nest from a photo taken by the awesome Photographer Christopher Adermark. Thanks Chris.
Here is a pic of the stop sign near my house. HILARIOUS

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Sheep Dog

Back to the dogs. One passer-by mentioned to me when I was working at the sheep dog trials that it would be nice to see black and white sheep dog pieces. She mentioned this while looking at my black on white sheep paintings. which looked like sheep in a blizzard. So here is a study of that idea.

Ontario Flower

Well some people are very happy about the cooler weather. I could have used one more month. Here is the second last layer of the painting. I am never quite good with commissions in an emotional way. I feel I can never reach their expectations.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ontario Flower

Here is a work in progress on a commission for a 4 canvas of the Ontario flower. The 2nd pic is the back ground done in acrylic and the more muted painting all be it with a glare, is with oil bar. next step is the white of the flowers. I used a stretcher to keep the 4 canvases in line.