Friday, November 28, 2008

get well from Tanner

one of my co-workers cats Tanner got my cat a get well card and some present to keep him company and occupied while he goes throught the transition of becoming an indoor cat. he went a little crazy when he smelled the gift and loved the blanket with the catnip inside. my kitty got very high. The cut is closed over but its squshy around the sides of it hope there is no infection trapped in there. only time will tell. Thank you Tanner and Kim

Thursday, November 27, 2008

poor kitty

well its been a while i know. i have a job in an office and i bike to work everyday. not necessarily putting my art on hold it just i have no time. anyways here are the pumpkins we did from halloween a storm trooper and bobafett. here is a pic of my kitty who got cut last night in a fight. i guess??? he is pretty pissed that he is an indoor cat right now. but i have had plenty of crying done last night and today at the vet. Cats fight. i just wish people in our neighbor hood would trim their cats nails so they don't do such incredible damage. I was almost thinking it was a rabbit since we have so many of them around. keep yah posted on the leaking wound. they say they wont do stiches because it might trap an infection so it has to stay open. yuck. i am a little emotionally scared and nauseous by this.