Thursday, February 21, 2008

grain elevator and power lines

This is a winter scene, since these monuments of farming are going extinct I decided to do the painting in muted tones with just a gray scale. With soft color in the sky like lavender and aqua-marine blue there is more drama played in the heaviness of the sky. Stay tuned more to come.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pumping units

I am starting a new series along side of every other project I am working on. Anyways I am working on a body of work for the summer season and a festival I am in in the summer. So I am working on the industrial landscape, which is fitting for this environment and I have plenty of resources. There is a pumping station just down the road. I know in halifax I worked on power lines, oil rigs and light posts. This body will be an obvious extension but more graphic and will be more oil driven. I will be looking into the architectural imagery of the industrial landscape. Anyways here is some of my first ones. any comment??

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Profiles Gallery

Here is a pic on some of my paintings that are up in the Profiles Art Gallery in St Albert. my cat caught a bird yesterday and thought it would be a good idea to eat it inside, Yuck. He ate everything but the wings and bones and then went outside and came in with a mouse and ate it tail and all. Then he walked straight to his dish and ate more food. what a pig.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Art auction this this saturday

I have my art in a gallery in the beautiful City of St.Albert. I live in the district of Sturgeon County (ward 4) in Lancaster Park which is north of Edmonton. St Albert is northwest of Edmonton and is 14 km from my house. I have my art in an up coming fundraiser and here are the three painting up for Bid two are small only 3 x5 (I call them snacks) and the larger one is 6 x12. I am excited to see how they do. I will have photos of the night of the auction.
flyer for the gallery's auction


Last year around this time we saw Jenn Grant in Fredericton at UNB. I know her from Halifax and we met through my friend Jason Burns drummer from Down With Butterfly the opening night of one of my shows. Jason and Jenn dated whether they are still dating I cant be sure, but he is a very tall guy and he is the first guy you see in her Dreamer video. I love her music, her voice is like a clean glass of water. Trevor is is basically my date on this one and he is like whatever chick show. so I mention "yeah and some guy Hayden is performing as well (I have no clue who Hayden is and I am like whatever some guy). Trevor is like "What, I have his Cds , I like his stuff, COOL" (i am misquoting terribly but whatever). Some website I saw mentioned admission is at the door and says 12bucks. cool.
So we go for dinner at Edmonton's best kept secret "Japanese Village" before the show
I am a picky sushi eater so here is my review. The teriyaki salmon was amazing and the tempura, the edamame was not freshly steamed nor hot and not enough salt. The dynamite rolls were great but a bit too big for bit size. The spicy tuna was a mush but tasted great. The seaweed salad was too fishy tasting. the price was reasonable but one roll cost $4 for 4 pieces and one small small scoop of green tea ice cream cost the same, so don't order the ice cream. It was a great place we will definatly come back but is is not in comparison to Sushi on Bloor in Toronto. where tea and miso soup are free and the ice cream is some time free.
After that we went to the concert and it was sold out before hand by ticket master, little advice don't trust websites. We were able to buy two tickets from people in line and price of the tickets cost $25 each. The concert was great and funny. I was in a church and the setting was beautiful dispite the uncomfortable seats. We got Haydens new CD In field & Town and it is really good.
if you want to listen to her music and see her video here is her link
jenn grant

Friday, February 01, 2008


Thought I would at least paint these images in my head just to see how they turn out. I know they are not for everybody but I think I this one turned out okay. Thought about detailing the background but I am not sure about it. I'll hold off on that for now. working on a new one right now the image will be up as soon as I am done.