Friday, November 23, 2007

You're in oil country

Tickets for troops, is happening this saturday nights hockey night in Canada. It is military appreciation night and season ticket holders gave up their tickets to military member. it will be a sea of green. It will be cool to be there. The Rexall Place will be packed. We will be at the late game starts at 8pm and the Edmonton Oilers are playing the Chicago Blackhawks.

Monday, November 19, 2007

slide show

I added a slide show application so we will see how that works out on my blog page. I am updating my photo album as well. Here is three new painting of my oil refinery series. I like em.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pinks smoke

Here are two paintings I did yesterday. The apple blossom is meditative and the other one is part of the body of work "Canadian Issue." I am not sure if i should shade the area around the guy so it is not so highly contrasted, or keep it so intense. I like it, never thought pink would fit in that painting but it looks pretty cool.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Windy Days

We had a wind storm yesterday and it was a whole new experience to cold wind. I am from the eastcoast so if there is a wind storm and it is chilly out with blowing snow. That wind is going right into your bones. Eastcoast wind is wet and chilling, where you shiver. The wind here was fierce and blew over the farm fields surrounding the base. It was intense shaking the house and I felt the roof shingles creaking. The lids on the recycling bins in the parking lot across the way bent right in half. But the wind was not as cold as out east, it was not chilling and crappy. But I hear it gets really cold out here, so we are in for it. I had a meeting with the base commander yesterday about being an artist in residence and it was short and I got good feedback. But things here are going to take a lot more time, care in wording, and paperwork. Hopefully in January I will be able to get access to there photo, Nyalas, TOW and EME equipment. Here are 4 new painting.

Friday, November 09, 2007

new red bamboo painting 8 x16

Just working on my my holiday line. Tonight we are going to a semi-formal meet and greet dinner at the officers mess. This will be fun. Still have a sensetive stomache from the flu so I don't think I will be drinking. Oh well. I will be posting the pic of the paintings as I finish them. All of the holiday painting are for sale so if you like one just let me know. Mostly they will be bamboo, sea turtles and apple blossoms. Well got get ready.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

artillery painting

Trevor who is in the infantry was like "Man, why you make the artillery painting so cool?" I thought that was pretty funny. Finally met some people on base and hopefully I will be able to finish this body of work. I am starting from scratch all over agian moving to a new base making new contacts, presenting proposals. It is going to take some time but I am up for it. I also am looking into some galleries to carry my work and I am on the waiting list for a table at the Old Strathcona market. I decided to get a job on base and at least make some money. I will be working in the kitchen, I am shocked at how much I will be getting paid. It makes me a little giddy and fuzzy inside. Still getting over the stomach flu, yucky. I started a book club on base which will start up in a week. I hope to meet new people and friends. I was not that successful in Oromocto, so isolating there. I have a good feeling about this place so keeping positive. Thats it for now hope you like the new piece it think it is a break through in my style.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

New work

Here are some of the paintings I have worked on this week. I have 7 more ready to work on and about 15 blank canvases. I am working on applying for different festivals in the area at this time. I am also looking in to any openings for submissions for group shows.


Sorry for the delay in keeping up with my Blog. It has been a life changing experience to move out to Edmonton. We moved in alright and got unpacked and now it is feeling like home. Trevor went away to Wainright for two weeks which is 2 1/2 hours south of here. He just got back on Nov 1st. Here are some pic of the new sectional (with pull out couch) we got at the Brick. and the view of the gym from my house. Which I am not going to Today because I have the stomache flue and I feel like ass. I am trying to figure out what I can eat that won't grose me out when it comes up. So far its lots of herbal teas and cereal. I have been looking at Galleries to sell my art in and I am just painting mostly turtles, bamboo and apple blossoms. In time I will start on the military painting but right now I would like to get established in the city and have a place that will showcase my work permanently.