Friday, September 29, 2006

more pics

unveiling went well

Well yesterday went very well my unveiling went off smoothly. It was an awsome experience to do this with the museum. I am packing and moving today and tomorrow. I have major mixed feelings about the move but everything happens for a reason. I have cried a lot. I kissed my mermaid goodbye May-Lynn I called her and she has come from the centre of my soul, crying right now as I think about leaving her behind. I put a boiled linseed oil on her as a finish and she look great. the truck is almost bpack and i will be on the road soon. thanks to everyone for all your support and look out toronto here I come. as I was closing up everything and making sure everything was put back in the right spot at the museum and as I locked up the doors of the glendine a huge bald eagle flew over head and was heading northwest. I will take that as a good sign. oh and two days before i think it was tuesday, yah a huge school of black porpoises were in the harbour. I saw two of them jump out of the water a the same time .There must have been over 50 of them. They were black dolphin like things with a white belly. so cool I got pics but they are not great.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

done like toast

She is all done the unvailing is tomorrow at 4pm behind the museum. come by and see me. here are some pics of her done but before a finish is put on. i cried and i love her.

Monday, September 25, 2006


I can't used the number 0 on my cell. So my unvailing for all you to know will be on Thursday at 4pm. Today I have to pack and organize my room and start putting all my stuff in boxes. I will be on the waterfront tomorrow all day doing the final touches on my carving. thanks to everyone for all the support.

Friday, September 22, 2006

cell works

After using a hair dryer on cool and letting it dry out the cell works. yahhhhh. The ipod on the other hand i think is a gonner. gettong ready for work send yah all pics.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

oh shoot

The worst way to end and exhausting day was to have a drink in my bag spill all over my cell phone, ipod, itrip and ipod charger. all of it ruined. All my phone numbers are gone. I am devistated, I don't have alot I live a very minimal live mostly because of my career choice. The things I do own I take very good care off. I can't even afford to go to the dentist let along get health insurance so replacing these items is a long shot. anyways enough whining, I am just really upset. I am hoping that they will work after a few days of drying out.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


it was a very muggy day, the sky didn't open up at all, it was just clouds hanging over and a little mist and rain in the morning but it was so heavy humid and hard to breath. It was like in a steam room. I did a lot f work on her face and neck I have more work to do. I am becoming more critical of the piece and there is so much of the piece that I have some issues with> I am sure no one else sees this but me. I worked in the Boat shop today because of the weather. Hopefully tomorrow will fair better skies.

american hardcore

Went to a movie at the atlantic film festival. saw American Hardcore, a documnetary of the hisory of hardcore punk music. Very good and interesting. kinda want to go see loud quite loud a film about the pixies. I finally took pics so quit all your whining.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

me and todd

Here is a pic of me and Todd Coopper one of the crew members of the Amistad. I think the pics are awsome. going to go carve now and this time I won't forget to take pictures. I have been so busy doing my carving that I haven't had the time to do any paintings, its really frustrating. I have a lot of images in my head that I want to just get out. I am planning an unvailing event and end of residence thingy on Thursday September 28th. keep yah all posted on that

Sunday, September 17, 2006

metric so surreal

I took my lovely and beautiful roomate Lisa...Robin who moved to edmonton's twim sister to the Metric Concert for her Birthday. What a show. It rocked. we both wore our Pirate whore shirts. I messed up her shirt at the store when we were getting the shirts made. The guy working was drinking and drunk and it was 10am thurday. He was so slow and it was hard to maintain politeness. So I put the letters on and i put the E in whore on backwards so it spells a spanish whore???? well Lisas mom was happy and so was lisa cause she could wear it out more often like taking her 2 year old to daycare HAHAHA. So at the concert we asked one of the stage hands to let us in the section near the sound guys so we could be closer to the stage and not crammed in the croud and showed the shirt and we were in there...har matees and a bucket of fish...harhar.. we danced so hard it was sweaty..I loved it..Emily Haines was soo mezmerizing it was the best concert... I didn't want it to end. I saw the movie Loose Change..It was really interesting and brought up some amazing points..Google it and watch it online for free on google video. Vanity fair has said it is the most watched video on the internet, at 100000 time viewed and it keeps rising

This is my last week on the waterfront carving. Today I finished her face and I was so hungry I packed up before taking a pic. All that need done is the hair and neck and sanding. She creeped me out today when we had her stood up and her face was on. It was so real...gave me chills. This week will be a crazy week a cruise ship in everyday and on saturday I will be at the farmers market from 7am till noon and weather permitting on the waterfront. That day there will be four cruise ships in totalling 6061 passenges and there will be a NHL hockey thing and the Rolling Stones concert so the waterfront will be insane in the day and sunday....this week is like buskers all over again. I was thinking about having a little gathering on sunday the 24th for the unvailing. Will see it would be i'll let yah all know in a day or two. well here are some pics of stuff. Robin and Lisa and a pic of little miss NO my 2 year old roomate who loves the word and lisa before the concert and my carving.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

sanding away

It is coming to a close and I am almost done. The Blue Moon left today Not with out dumping their trash and carelessly over filling the bins with indifference. It was a real shame to see them dumping their trash and craming it into a public bin and walking away as it fell to the ground. I went over and took the trash to another bin. here are some pics for the day.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

face off

I bought a Black and Decker mouse sander today just to do the fine sanding work on the piece. I started into the face today I don't have much longer to go. Once I am done the carving I will feel a sense of relief. This piece has taken a lot out of me physically and mentally. There is a boat in that is the largest private yacht that I have ever seen. It is 165 foot feadship, and has an elevator and it is supposivly #17 on largest privater Yachts. It is called Blue Moon from of course George Town the Cayman Islands. Cost about 41 million. google it.

Monday, September 11, 2006

day off

I could not work today on my carving. Condoleeza Rice was at the museum giving a thank you talk to nova scotian and canadian for support on 9/11. My batteries died in my camera so no pics so far. This week will be the crusher off all week. I am going to push myself to the limits. and to top it off a hurricane is spinning out at sea and will cause some crappy weather this week. I have had chicken wings at almost every place in the city, peel pub suicide wings almost killed me. Oasis was too tangy and the hot was pretty hot. "your father mustash" was okay but not hot enough. "maxwells plum" their hot was perfect. Next stop lions head tavern. Threw out 3 bags of clothing today. Getting ready to move soon.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

cranky people

It was a perfect day to hunker down and get focused and carve. It rained for the most part of the day but there was absolutly no wind. A vertical rain. So I was able to carve under the tent and stay dry. I finished the front base of the piece today and tomorrow I will finish all of the base so that all that will need to be done is the top chest and head. I have 11 days left so I am working extra long hours now. There were a lot of really rude people out today. I was shocked by the attitude of some of the people. One guy was so rude and thanked me for his time and I said "No thank you" and he said "I am not here to make any friends". Wow the nerve of some people. I think it is the full moon that is making people so bold. Anyways because of all my hard work I bought myself a present. An Alessi toilet bowl cleaner. I love it. So pretty. It will go great with my flamingo shower curtain from ORE. All I need now are the flamingo shower curtain hooks....hint hint...anyone...after carving present....hint hint.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Just giver

Lets getter dun, Lets giver. Working hard just pushing it when I am carving. Here is some pics of the progress. I don't have much to say but I am whiped out. I have one of my university friends from Toronto in town. Danielle and Co, we went out for dinner tonight. I took her to the shoe shop. Felt it was wrong of me as a Haligonian to not take her to this place. Just because if she goes back to Toronto and someone asks her "Did you go to the shoe". I didn't fail her. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. we think it was the Newfie girl at the table fur sure there. And her name is Melissa also and she had hoop earings that said Melissa on them, I wanted them. She was so funny I almost died. Now I must seach the net for these earings.

in the news

I am in the news again, the daily news used me as on the job person of the week for their column. they mis-quoted me saying the carving was going up for aution to fundraise for the museum and I specifically said to her five times... say "WITH" the museum. Not impressed at all. I am actually livid. Anyways back to work today, goign to be doing a lot of sanding.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Surf's up

Here is the painting I did for the First place award for the Open Mens Pro Storm Surf Classic competions.
The competion will be held this weekend at Lawrencetown Beach. The awards will be handed out this Sunday at Stage Nine
I'm Gonna be checking out all the hot Surfers Dudes